Lyme Disease Toxins and Morgellons Disease   4/15/18


The fuel for both Morgellons disease and chronic Lyme disease are toxins in the cellular mechanism. Years and years ago many of us have had our tooth cavities filled with amalgam which contains mercury which is toxic and fuels both Morgellons and Lyme disease. Kristin writes,

"My doctor was telling me that if a person with parasites or Morgellons has mercury amalgams that they need to be removed (properly with the Klinghardt method) by a biological dentist before healing can move forward. Parasites and heavy metals coexist. The parasites keep the heavy metals in them, in a way protecting our body from the metals. Crazy I know!"

I thought I’d pass along in case it has t yet been covered. For more info people can check out the world parasite conference (I think that’s what it’s called) they met and discussed the heavy metal / parasite connection.


"Mercury and other heavy metals are the fuel for both Morgellons syndrome and Chronic Lyme. There are three approaches to detoxing these heavy metals
1. Dr. Amin's approach to have amalgam filings replaced costing as much as $8.000 or more
2. EDTA cleation therapy
3. Using glutathione
4. Various herbs

I promote boosting glutathione. Until a few years ago, there was no way to significantly boost glutathione. That's why I promote and push and promote and push MaxOne and Nano Glutathione.

Glutathione is not only the body's major detoxifier of heavy metals, pesticides, toxins, it is the body's major anti inflammatory and the cell's major protector of free radical damage plus a half dozen other functions. Learn more at on of my other websites:

I promote and push and promote and push our Garcillin because allicin is tops as an antibiotic, anti viral, anti parasitic, anti fungal and anti protozoan.

Putting the two together should be the first thing every doctor should do for Lyme disease along with boosting minerals which is why I push and promote and push and promote our ionic minerals.

And it helps to have an excellent multi vitamin to round out everything. In fact, I feel that if everyone with Lyme Disease used these four basic supplements, they may not need anything more, but at least, it will greatly improve the odds of any other treatment working.

And this is not to ignore the value of diet. The King Diet™ is not only the best anti Morgellons diet, but also the best Lyme diet.

Dr, Klinghardt is a world renown specialist on Lyme disease. In version five or six of my book I had his complete protocol which included diet and things like bee venom therapy among many other interesting things including, at that time, some type of instrument that I almost invested in.

I thank Kristin for writing as she has brought up an important point which, even though, I've addressed it in my book and in several updates, it can not be emphasized enough. So, rather than spend oodles of money to replace my dozens of filings from the 50's (yes, I have that many), I use MaxOne and Nano Glutathione daily knowing that any mercury leached from my filings will be tied up by the glutathione and eliminated from affecting my health.

And, there's one more important point that Kristin brought up in a subsequent email: Lyme disease produces it's own Lyme disease toxins, so it's like this bacterium lives in a cesspool of it's own excrement and Morgellons disease does not complain--it loves this toxic environment.

Remember, glutathione is powerful. In fact, those with arsenic poisioning are first treated with a shot of glutathione when admitted to the hospital--it's that powerful. And, study after study demonstrates that after the age of 20 we lose about 10% or our store of glutathione every ten years. So if you're in your 60's like i was when I first learned of glutathione, you've already lost 40% or more.

Up until about eight years ago, there was no way of substantially boosting glutathione until MaxOne was invented and now subsequently Nano Glutathione, And, the amazing thing is that while your doctor may know of all the p's and q's when it come to prescription antibiotics, statins, cholesterol drugs, and so on, he knows squat about the value of glutathione.

Glutathione, allicin, and our other supplements in my protocol could be said to be the newest treatment for Morgellon