The Lyme Parasite Conundrum 2/28/18


Hi Richard,
In your email you describe symptoms of Morgellons and Collembola, you said it’s highly likely that I have mites. What I’m confused about is...Are the mites you’re referring to Collembola? Are springtails/Collembola considered mites? Or did you mean besides Collembola and Morgellons I could possibly have mites?

Also, what causes Morgellons? Does one get that from some other type of mite or can it be from the springtails/Collembola?
Lastly, I have a doctors appt. on March 1st with an infective disease doctor. Besides telling him my story should I be asking for blood work to see if I have that bacteria that causes Lyme disease?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m afraid he will dismiss it as delusional parasitosis like several of the dermatologist I went to did. 
I believe now that my environment keeps reinfecting me. I’ve been doing so much better until today. I used my central heating unit for the first time in a while because I was cold and I immediately felt things in my hair and my neck and also on my face, everywhere my skin was exposed.  So all day today I could feel the creepy crawler‘s again so back to square one.

Thanks for writing.
Collembola is a form of mite--a very small one. Many other mites are carriers of Collembola and are often seen as black specs--dead mites that may come from your skin.

You're right to be concerned about the doctor telling you, you're delusional--particularly so if you have no rashes, papules, or lesions. And even if you do, have them, the same result often happens.

I would suggest staying away from the mention of skin parasites and just go with your symptoms and get his opinion.

Regarding Lyme, unless you have had the classic bull's eye rash to describe for him, any symptoms you have may be interpreted by him to be from something else like arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative joint disease and so on.

The Western Blot test is the one they generally use and it's, at best, about 50% accurate. If you read my experience in the book about Lyme, even with the complicated antibiotic treatments it did no good and Lyme almost destroyed my life twelve years ago.

Fortunately, I discovered MaxOne, Garcillin, and Ionic Minerals along with the Multivitamin and 99+% of my symptoms are gone. All of the supplements are in our on-line store as the Collembola/Lyme kit.

I'm writing a new book titled, Spirochetes Don't Scare Me in which I'm recommending that all  doctors and Lyme patients do my basic Lyme Kit along with the diet before anything else. In fact, nothing else may be required.

Regarding your central heating/cooling system, yes it needs to be disinfected. You can do it with ammonia sprayed into each intake until you smell it coming out the out ducts ozone might be necessary too.

Being that I'm not a doctor, FDA regulations require me to inform you that you should discuss my diet and all recommendations with your doctor before implementing them to make sure they do not interfere with any medical condition you may have. Whether you do that or not is your business.