Cleaning Your Respiratory System of Morgellons...  1/10/2021


Our Sunday call gets into new territory every week. This past week the subject came up of cleaning the respiratory system of parasites. Robin, my co-host, offered the following directions based on her personal experience in overcoming Covid-19 utilizing a nebulizer. 

Robin writes, "Here is the protocol for nebulizer and breathing steam.

In a nebulizer: Add to sodium chloride inhalation solution 3 drops of 100% NG and 1-2 drops of the following essential oils: BreatheEase, Biocidin, oreganol oil.

You can also add the prescribed medicine that comes for the nebulizer.

As a variation I often just used the prescribed medicine and the NG.

Do this 2-3 times a day.

You can get a prescription for a nebulizer and the medicine, or buy a nebulizer on for under $50.

For deep breathing steam: use a pot of water and add 8 drops of NG and the 8 drops of each of the essential oils listed above."


I thank Robin for sharing her experience in how to clean the lungs. For cleaning the throat, you can gargle with Nature's Gift® Mouth Wash. A sore throat used to equal two weeks of misery for me in overcoming a cold. The key for me is to catch the sore throat very early at the slightest sign, go to bed, lie on my back, and add a few drops of Morgellons Cocktail to the mouth wash, and let it slowly dribble into the deeper areas of my throat and hold it there as long as possible before swallowing. And, as with every thing we do, be aggressive and do it every fifteen or twenty minutes until relief. 
I also took four extra capsules of MaxOne and 3 GarcillinTM capsules every hour. Additionally, I drank hot cistus tea every hour. 

Next is to use a humidifier with essential oils of your choice or the combination of the NG mouth wash and Morgellons cocktail described above. And last is to expose your nasal cavities with essential oils and NG. 
• apply diluted NG on a q tip into your nose or with a small cotton ball. 
• apply a drop of essential oils just under your nose
• apply the oils to your pillow and position your face so you can comfortably breathe them in as you sleep
• apply to a tissue and sleep such that you breathe them in continuously. 

Ethel, our greeting coach has shared this infuser. She says, "It has a cord and plug for electrical outlet. Water is in reservoir@ 1 cupful.  There is a "level/capacity" line on inside rim of reservoir"
Looks like a great thing to have. Probably best to use distilled water to eliminate mineral deposits inside the device. 

You an find the Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set - Ultrasonic Diffuser & Top 10 Essential Oils - 300ml Diffuser with 4 Timer & 7 Ambient Light Settings on Amazon for about $39.00 

It looks like a great deal as it has different light settings, timer settings, low level shut off, and comes with many essential oils. I thank Ethel for sharing her find. Think I'll order one for myself.