Nature's Gift to Clean Lungs of Morgellons Debris 3/9/2020


Our Sunday conference calls get loaded with lots of fantastic information--always something helpful to take away related to or not related to skin parasites. In our last couple of conference calls, Robin my co-host, who has been fighting a bronchial infection for weeks and getting nowhere fast, shared how she added Nature's Gift concentrate  (NG) to her nebulizer and had the coughing clear up within two days.

She states, "I added 8-10 drops in the pen size sprayer and then I sprayed 3-4 times into the well of the nebulizer, mixing it with the regular pre-measured medicine."

She was kind enough to also produce a quick youtube video that shows how she did it. Frequency is the next question. Even though her doctor wanted her to use it more often, she used it four times a day with the medication because if she used it more often, she had side effects from the meds. So, it's up to each person to determine how often you can use it with the medication that's prescribed. She found that her lungs were clean after just two days. However, she could have used the nebulizer with only the NG every half hour or so if it had been necessary. Remember, she used it for bronchitis--there's no reason why it can't be used for debris in the lungs from Morgellons or any other viral, bacterial, or parasitic organisms.

To summarize: You can use the nebulizer with only the NG every 30 minutes or so to clean your lungs. She used the meds as they helped clear her airways. Thus, use the nebulizer with the meds as often as your doctor recommends and add in the NG each time.

I thank her for taking the time to share her experience. I certainly could have used her advice a month ago when I also had a bout with bronchitis. In light of her experience I began to wonder if using NG in a nebulizer would be beneficial to cronavirus sufferers--especially since they've been showing xrays of lungs with coronovirus compared to pneumonia. It appears that the lungs are the main target of the new virus.

The challenge is to find a medical organization willing to test our NG in the states. If anyone can provide a contact, it would be much appreciated. In the meantime, through one of Chris's contacts, NG is being delivered to a hospital in another country to be tested there.

If you've watched the news, colloidal silver suppliers are already trying to cash in by claiming that if silver works with the flu, it will work with coronovirus. But, that certainly wasn't my experience as it did nothing for me when I had the flu years ago; and if it really worked with the flu, it would be flying off every drug store shelf in the world as a lot more people have the flu than the new virus.