More About Lufenuron in the Fight Against Morgellons Disease 4/6/19


A few days ago I did an update, Using Lufenuron to Fight Morgellons Disease, Contrary to our previous supplier of lufenuron in Europe several years ago, our present supplier is excellent at communication and answering questions. In fact, you can call 888 882 8844 and ask his associate, Nancy, any question.  By the way, the main interest of our present supplier is the operation of a clinic in Mexico for those inflicted with AIDS and other similar life threatening diseases. They use lufenuron to get rid of any possible complications from fungal infections including candida--not so much mites as shows up with Morgellons.

I passed along some questions that were sent to me about using lufenuron with children, and if it was produced in China,

The Lufenuron is produced near Corpus Christi TX and is shipped from Austin TX. It is NOT sourced in China.

The question of the 4 year old. We consider the dose that we recommend for Candida and Morgellons to be for a 150 pound person. Depending on what the 4 year old weighs, you would give it in ratio to what a 150 pound person gets. If the child weighs 30 pounds, you would have enough in one capsule for 5 days. The division of the powder is not crucial. It can be opened and mixed in food (preferably with some fat in it), and then take about 1/5 of it each day. But if you get more on one day and less on another day, that is not critical. It ultimately goes into the fat cells and is slowly released over time. In fact, it is often released for as much as 30 days after stopping the dosing.


Seems that no one wants any meds produced in China and I don't blame them. His answer about dosage to children explains a bit more about how the med is utilized in the body. Also, while his office is located in Mexico and it's ordered from him there, it is sent from Texas which eliminates international shipping costs.

But please know that lufenuron is not used to deal with Morgellons Disease, it is used to deal with complicating factors that often accompany those suffering from Morgellons, i.e. skin fungus, candida albicans, spring tails and mites living in the skin or other parts of your body, and internal fungal infections.

Copied from my protocol:

For skin mites and spring tails living in your skin or other parts, organism coming from your skin, skin fungus, Candidia, and internal fungal infections, I recommend you look into Lufenuron inhibits the production of chitin. Chitin is what the shell of eggs and mouth parts of organisms are made. It's also found in fungi, and Candidia. Select either the 96 capsule plan in the middle and when you complete your order please put my name (Richard) or (Morgellons) or (skin Parasites) in the Comments box to receive expedited service. It's recommended to do one capsule a day for 96 days straight. Note that in some situations, more than one round of 96 days is required.

The FDA requires that I state that before you accept my recommendation to integrate lufenuron in your protocol that you ask your doctor his advice and whether it will interfere with any medical problem you have.