Using Lufenuron to Fight Morgellons Disease 4/30/19


Morgellons disease is often complicated by infestations of mites, Candida Albicans, skin fungus, and internal fungal infections.

Lufenuron is a medication to deal with mites living in your skin, skin fungus, Candida, and internal fungal infections. There were questions about it in Sunday's support call. Lufenuron, pronounced Lu Fin u ron, has been a part of the protocol to deal with skin parasites for over ten years. I asked Dr. Luna, who supplies lufenuron, for his recommendations on dosage and duration to take lufenuron. Here is his answer:

"We suggest 96 capsules in 96 days, one per day with fat.

The exact dose is not critical, so if a dose is missed it is not the end of the world, just continue on the next day.

This takes us through at least two full life cycles of just about any bug out there, so that they are stopped in whatever stage that the Lufenuron is effective against. For many people, they find relief rather quickly, but the problem comes back if they back off from continuing the Lufe for the full 96 days. Those people need to stay on the regimen longer. For most, as they finally get well, and they have maintained through the 96 days, they can lower the dose significantly, down to the 12 per month maintenance dose recommended as a long term treatment. We suggest Monday, Wednesday and Friday once a person is down to the 12 per month. That is easy to remember, and it is cheap to maintain long term as well.

Many people really need to play it by ear. If they back down on the dose and the problems return, then they need to maintain the higher dose, while researching and experimenting on other treatments to figure out what else is going on. For instance, they might have leaky gut and need to look into healing the gut. They might be living in a moldy environment and being reinfected constantly. They might have Lyme (and its co-infections) as an underlying condition that needs to be dealt with. They can safely continue the Lufenuron while attacking the cause of their issues.

Lufenuron is a huge help with Morgellons because it is a multi-pronged attack. It clears mold, yeast, fungus and Systemic Candida, improving over all health. It clears yeast on the skin that attracts certain types of bugs that invade the body. And it stops the development of nearly all insects, and protozoa that are known to be part of Morgellons. Since Morgellons is not just one disease, but a collection of symptoms from a variety of causes, this multi-pronged attack is most important.

I hope that explains our current thinking and protocol. Much of our knowledge comes from our incredible customers who are willing to share their experiences so that we can continue to improve treatment and help others in the process. The protocol has changed over the years, and we are very pleased with the response that we are getting with the
current recommendation of 96 capsules in 96 days."

Adelfo (Dr. Adelfo Lunna)

Many thanks to Dr. Luna for this information. Lufenuron, not available in this country, is orderedfrom Mexico at

As you check out from their cart, write my name, Richard Kuhns, in the comment box so they know you're dealing with skin parasites.

He notes leaky gut and Lyme disease as being complicating factors. The good news is that my protocol addresses both of these complications:
1. L-Glutamine for leaky gut.
2. Restore for restoring gut health.
3. Lyme Protocol (MaxOne, Multivitamin, Ionic Minerals, and Garcillin).
4. DE and NG Mouth Wash for internal detox.

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According to Dr. Luna, lufenuron has no side effects and does not interact with any other medication. It's probably the only med that meets this criteria. However, as it goes to work, you may experience die-off reactions as it works. Externally, it's recommended to deep clean your skin with our Nature's Gift™ Debriding Soap.