New Advances in Lufenuron  2/17/18

and mouth parts of other organisms. I first learned of lufenuron from a sufferer back in the late 90's who got his life back with only the diet, lufenuron and orap. Because so many who have Morgellons or Collembola also have mites involved (often identified by tell tale black specs found in bedding and clothing) I've added it to the protocol and have been working with our recommended supplier in Mexico. I have no idea why it's not available in the US for humans, but only for pets so you get it where you can. Initially, Dr. Adelfo Lunna, our source, recommended using the product for 6 months and recently has changed that recommendation to three months. I wrote and asked for him to clarify the change and he replied the following.

"We have been evolving along with you. Our original protocol was for Systemic Candida only. We had totally overlooked the other applications because it is not what we face in our clinic. Reducing mold and killing parasites was seen as sort of a wonderful side effect, not the main goal.
When we started working with you, the emphasis changed to parasites and skin mold because one of the issues is that people with Morgellons tend to damage their skin badly, trying to deal with the torture. I am appalled at the things that they do to themselves and the toxic substances that they use, in desperation. Damaging the skin leaves it open for yeast to grow on the skin, feeding even more parasites. This is a bad cycle. The Lufenuron breaks both parts of this cycle.
I started studying the parasite issue and realized that not everybody is afflicted with the same bugs. The results are about the same, but the actual parasites can be different. For this reason, we decided to investigate just which life stages are affected by the Lufenuron. For some, it makes it so that they cannot hatch out of their eggs. Baby hard-bodied insects grow sort of a horn on their noses (called an egg tooth) made of chitin, to break out of the egg. We can stop those in the egg phase. Others molt into different life stages and we can affect those when they change phase and cannot grow a new chitin shell. For soft bodied insects, they still have their mouth parts made of chitin, so lice, mites and ticks are affected, but very slowly.

All of this added up to realizing that what we need to do is have the Lufenuron in affect for every life stage of a wide variety of insects. What really worked was taking 96 capsules in 96 days.
The other advantage is that so many people who are chronically sick, also have issues with leaky gut and digestive issues. The Lufenuron will reduce Candida yeast overload in the gut, and the Systemic Candida that has escaped the gut into the blood stream. This is not your main goal, but the Systemic Candida is an issue with a large portion of the population, and among chronically ill people, it is an even larger percentage. So, what was the main focus for us, becomes a nicely handled side issue for your people. If they don't have Systemic Candida, it causes no harm and still deals with the parasites.
If in the end, killing the parasites, mold, yeast, and fungus does not finish the job, then you can be sure that there is something else at work. For those people, it is almost always Lyme disease, displayed mostly as co-infections and co-infestations. The underlying Lyme must be dealt with. But the Lufenuron is important even for people with Lyme, to remove all of the surrounding issues so that you can get to the heart of the problem.

There is NO down side to using the Lufenuron. It is totally non-toxic and safe in all situations. We have never had report of a negative reaction, other than it working too fast and too well, causing die-off where the body struggles to keep up with the debris from the dying organisms. That is a good thing.
I hope that explains our current protocol. It will probably evolve in the future as well, but this has served us and our patients well and we are very pleased with the results.

Lufenuron available in capsule form and recommended now one capsule a day for 96 days taken with food with fat, for instance an egg fried in butter or homemade bread, from one of several recipes, and a pat of butter. You can order it from  Select the 96 capsule plan in the middle and when you complete your order please put my name (Richard) or Morgellons, or skin parasites in the Comments box to receive expedited service and improve application of the medication.

Also note that Dr. Lunna wrote about leaky gut syndrome which we know is an issue with a majority of Morgellons sufferers and recommend L-glutamine, a natural sugar, to feed the mucosa (the cells making up the intestinal lining), to strengthen them.