Beat Morgellons and Live to be 120   1/20/19


Yes, you can live to age 120 or more and be healthy. Sounds like a pile of malarkey, right? Well, not really. And I know that living to a healthy ripe old age of 120 is not one of your priorities right now--the priority is to beat Morgellons Disease. However, I thought you'd like to look ahead and get a larger picture of what's possible.

One of the keys to not only getting your life back from Morgellons and other skin parasites, but to lay the foundation to live a long healthy life is to boost the level of one molecule in your body. This molecule is destroyed by pollution, poor diet, radiation, physical injuries, poor sleep habits, infections, disease, meds that affect your liver, over exertion, and so on such that by the time most of us are in our 60's the stores of this molecule have gone kaput. Below is an email I received from Green Valley Natural Solutions promoting their product to boost this molecule. It's all true.

Dear Richard,

Do you know there’s a molecule in your body that’s designed to keep you “young” as long as possible?

Yet once you hit your forties, your body’s levels start to decline rapidly. By the time you’re 60, they’ve dropped by nearly HALF!

It’s a major reason why you may feel tired all the time...more forgetful and “spacey”...and stiff, sore, and achy.

It also helps explain why your vision worsens...your heart doesn’t beat as strong...your waistline thickens...your digestion gets out of whack...your hair becomes gray and your skin more wrinkled...and you seem tcatch whatever’s going around.

But what you may think of as “old age” doesn’t have to be inevitable. According to top scientists and researchers at Harvard, Stanford, and other prestigious medical schools, it’s now possible for many of us to live to 120 and beyond.

And thanks to this new breakthrough discovery, you can do so while enjoying the robust vitality and vigor of someone HALF your age!

Click here to get more details on how easy it is to start feeling more energized and youthful in just hours...and add a few more decades of healthy, high-quality living to your life!


Lee Euler, President
Green Valley Natural Solutions

Time to dispense with the suspense. The molecule is glutathione. Even though there are many glutathione supplements in the health food store, they only boost the levels of glutathione by about 20 or 30%, but that's far from being enough. I bought Green Valley's supplement, but unfortunately, it's not compatible with the King Diet. While we have two products in our store to boost glutathione, MaxOneis the only one compatible with Stage I of the King Diet. The other one, Nano Glutathione, can be used in Stage II or III and since its a liquid, it can be used direct on lesions and in your mouth to help ailing gums--but spit out the solution after 2 minutes (unless you're on Stage II of the diet).

I've been writing about this molecule for over a decade when I first learned of it; and discovered first hand it's value in diminishing my Lyme symptoms by 95% when I added it to my multivitamin and ionic minerals. I highly recommend glutathione to anyone dealing with brain fog or experiences fibromyalgia. And, of course, research indicates that it is very valuable in getting your life back from Morgellons. And let's not forget Collembola. I initially didn't think it would be of much valuable in beating Collembola, and I was wrong. 

But in all honesty, as I wrote above, I know that there are other significant parts of the puzzle to support boosting glutathione. One of those parts is a multivitamin compatible with the King Diet. There are many many multivitamins from which to choose, unfortunately most have fillers and other ingredients that feed parasites. And, thanks to Monsanto's glyphosate stealing minerals from our food stock, ionic minerals that I wrote about in my last update, are super important. And, if you need to support your immune functioning, add our all natural Garcillin with allicin which is said to be an antibiotic, anti viral, anti fungal, anti protozoan, and anti parasitic. Add these four supplements together and you have our Collembola/Lyme pack--a prescription for life. 

This, for many, is all that's required. However, if you're dealing with other specific health issues, other supplements are important. In our case, we're interested in specific supplements to deal with the nutrients that Morgellons steals from us which can be one or all of the following:
MSM (organic sulfur)
2.L-Glutamine to support intestinal health.
3. Systemic Enzymes to clean your internal organs of fibrin
This is our Morgellons Pack
And recently we added a supplement to further support intestinal health and offset the effects of glyphosate--Restore.