You Can Get Your Life Back From Skin Parasites 11/18/18


Cheryl wrote the following:
"I seem to be one of the people that encountered the elusive cloth mite combined with skin fungus and I screwed up in the beginning because I didn't read your chapters on that clearly enough. You do say that if you aren't careful using enough disinfectant that you can spread skin fungus like wildfire in the bath I believe you use that terminology exactly. Also, the diet is helpful but unfortunately does not completely work for the cloth mite as you well know based on your research. I found some success using the detergent remedy I sent you which you published, but as of late it stopped working as I got better and I got some kind of itchy sensations from my clothing I don't know if it was a reinfection or what but I have found some success using the enzymes you mention in your book ( I've used Kleen free naturally. You might want to consider seeing what kind of deal you can get with them and carrying it in your store.)

I would encourage everybody to seriously consider your glutathione supplement either Max 1 or Cellgevity. They are amazingly well made supplements and they are expensive, but sometimes you have to pay for good quality supplements and if anybody can afford it it made a difference for me.

Also I combined hyperbaric oxygen therapy which is also expensive and I would say you need to invest a couple thousand dollars or you need to be ready to at least if you're going to do it. But to everybody your book is a wealth of knowledge and well worth the price and the subsequent emails. I would say to everybody to have faith because it looks like our skin parasites are going to eventually make the medical books. In the meantime, use your book as a guide. It is the most comprehensive wealth of knowledge in one area I have found regarding all known skin parasite conditions. You have made it your life's work and people should read the book absolutely twice if not three times and definitely take notes if it's overwhelming. Sorry for the long-winded endorsement but I'm a fan!"


I thank Cheryl for taking the time to share her experiences and am happy to have her as a fan. The cloth mite that she refers to seems to be rather rare as very few have written me about it. It eats clothes and any thing made of cloth. It's discussed in my book.

Booosting glutahione with MaxOne or Cellgevity helps reduce brain fog, inflammation associated with joint pain. fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. I don't write a lot about Cellgevity because, even though it's better than MaxOne, it has soy lecithin in it and that can be an issue for Stage I of the diet.

An alternative to hyperbaric oxygen might be food grade hydrogen peroxide. I don't know enough about both to really compare them. Perhaps someone reading this can enlighten us.

And she's right about reading the book at least three times. Skin parasites are overwhelming and there's a lot of information in the book which can also be overwhelming. And, don't stop with the book, after you read it three times, go to the blog which has what we've learned since the book was published.

And yes, we're looking into adding Kleen Green to our on-line store. From my perspective Kleen Green is an alternative to disinfectants which are relatively inexpensive. Kleen Green is an enzyme which breaks down organisms where as disinfectants destroy the neurological functioning of organisms and kill them. Regardless, many have used Kleen Green and my goal is to have everything you'd want to fight skin parasites in one place. So, we will investigate adding it to the