Cleaning Away Morgellons Lesions 9/5/2021


Non healing lesions are probably experienced by 50% or more of those who are dealing with Morgellons.

Morgellons is an isolating disease and this is one of the reasons why it is. Who wants to go out in public with non healing lesions in full view. It's totally embarrassing.


But, you can clean them out of your skin within a week to ten days and here's how:
First, the King Diet is a must for as long as you eat the foods that the parasites prefer, you are a "walking, talking parasite breeding machine."  So, it's super important to make the diet work for you. When the diet "Kicks in," you'll notice an incredible reductions of itching and biting of your skin.

Now, it's simply a matter of mechanics.
I remember my first lesion like yesterday. It was nothing like the ones shown in the photo above. It was about an inch in length and deep with filaments growing from it. It happened like over night.

I wanted to clean the lesion and stop it in its tracks. I began applying a special diluted concentration of Nature's Gift liquid along with our Beauty Forever Exfoliant cream massaging it into the lesion. I did this every few hours in the beginning and then to about four times a day and within 7 days it was completely healed. and no more formed.

It's called, Deep Wound Cleanse Kit and has been a most popular item for years.
There are several alternatives, so you get to choose, and they all work.

Secondly, there's our Nano Glutathione - just put a drop or two into or on the lesion. If you have lots of lesions like the photo above, you'll be applying several drops and massaging it around them. It's a more expensive approach, but if you're already using it to boost glutathione, then you already have it.

Next is to use Garcillin. Take some of it out of a capsule and make a paste with a drop or so of diluted Nature's Gift and massage that into or on the lesions. So, if you're already using Garcillin, and I hope you are, you already have the solution to cleaning up lesions.

How about our NG colloidal silver? Why not? Apply a few drops to the lesions or massage it in. Colloidal silver works great for cleaning your eyes too.

Let's not forget our NG Mouth wash/body wipe.  Apply a drop or so and massage it in. Again, I hope you're already using it to clean your mouth so it's right there waiting for you to apply to clean away those lesions.

Here's an incredible alternative: style="font-size:24px;">NG Chitosanase Enzyme Formula Read the blog post to see how its used to clean up lesions. 

An old stand by many have used is to simply apply one drop of NG concentrate right onto the lesion/s. It may sting a bit. In fact, most of these approaches will probably sting a bit.

Note: With all the above approaches, frequency is key. Apply whatever you use every 20 min to half hour for starters and then taper down to hourly and then to every several hours. Of course during the night you may only get up once or twice to apply.

Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the medical approach which is most often used for unsightly facial lesions - Rifampin at 300 mg daily for ten days.

What does all this mean? You no longer need be hindered by unsightly or uncomfortable lesions. Choose any of the above or get creative and use several of them together, but the answer to non healing lesions is now in your hands.