Downy is Transparent - But Your Skin Isn't and Morgellons May Love It! 9/28/2022


I was thinking about one of our biggest competitors in the laundry cleaning business - Downy fabric softener. lol Seems like almost everyone uses it. it's so popular that many washing machines have instructions and ways of adding it to your laundry. So, I was wondering if it is as good as they say - a dream come true in the laundry business - so I looked up the ingredients and this is the first thing they claim, "About Our Ingredients & Commitment To Transparency."

Now isn't that what every consumer wants to hear- Downy has nothing to hide which you then assume that the ingredients are good for the laundry and your skin that lives next to your clothing many hours every day.

Now, the first ingredient is dimethyl ammonium chloride. OK,  let me brag, in college I had a 4.0 in chemistry and that was a long time ago and we didn't do toxicity studies. But, Downy is transparent and it lists that ingredient right up front as the first ingredient after water. This means that, aside from water, Downy is largely composed of dimethyl ammonium chloride has even me fooled. 

So, I went to my buddy Google and searched for toxicity of dimethyl ammonium chloride. Since Downy is transparent I expected to find that this stuff is soothing to the skin. But no, "DDAC and C12-C16 ADBAC are irritating/corrosive to skin at high concentrations, and are acutely toxic via the oral, dermal (C12-C16 ADBAC only), and inhalation exposure routes; however, both DDAC and C12-C16 ADBAC are considered non-volatile and are not readily aerosolized.Jul 5, 2020"

What are high concentrations? I don't know exactly, but since it's the first active ingredient listed, I have lots of questions why they didn't mention that the concentration is way under the amount needed to be corrosive and irritating? 

The next ingredient is perfumes and that's all that's noted leaving us to believe perfumes are good, but my buddy google comes up with this,
"What ingredients are toxic in perfume?
In fact, in 1991 the EPA tested conventional, synthetic perfumes and found a long list of toxic chemical ingredients, including acetone, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, camphor, ethanol, ethyl acetate, limonene, linalool, methylene chloride as well as phthalates, stearates, and parabens."
So, is any of this crap in Downy's perfume? This is not being transparent by just listing perfume and leaving it at that.

Holy crap, this is turning into a night mare. Well, maybe the next ingredient, Calcium chloride dihydrate, makes up for the first two catastrophes. Well, my buddy google says this one is not too bad unless you put your face mask in the washer with Downy, "Not irritant to skin. Causes serious eye irritation. Symptoms/effects after inhalation."

OK, one more ingredient, formic acid. That should be OK, right, at least of all the ingredients, its in the least amount? Again, this is what my buddy google has to say about formic acid, "Formic acid is the root cause of methanol toxicity as the build up of partially oxidized methanol (i.e., formic acid) in the body results in acidosis. Both methanol and formic acid are toxic through oral and dermal exposure. The physical properties of formic acid, however, give rise to early warning signs of exposure."

All right, in all honesty, I doubt that this would be a problem, but then, note it can be toxic through dermal exposure and that means it's a risk - especially if uses a lot of Downy with the laundry and you are wearing you clothes all day and evening too. 

Now, I ask you,
"Why in the hell would you want to use this product? Is Downy really being transparent? Aren't skin parasites enough of a problem do you need to use a product that can introduce other variables with your skin health?

So, what is the option? Consider our biodegradable Nature's Gift Laundry Soap made from renewable plant sources.  Read blog post, Our Laundry Soap is A Winner for Morgellons and if you haven't tried it, get it with your next order. 

And heck, I didn't even write about the hazards of the laundry detergents you might be using, Read, 
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate a toxic ingredient found in your laundry detergent and cosmetics is causing stress on and in your body!  9/6/19


When I first used the laundry soap I didn’t know what to think because there was no lather or bubbles. I was amazed as to how clean and bright it made older blankets quilts and covers for dog beds. All my clothes feel cleaner and brighter when I use this. I would wash first with the natures gift laundry soap and then with my regular detergent for my favorite laundry scent because it does not have any scent. Probably would work wonderful for those with allergies. 

Perfume? If you want to scent your clothing, add some lavender or one of our other essential oilin your dryer.