More About Laundry and Morgellons 3/6/19


Disinfecting one's surroundings and or laundry can be one of the biggest challenges for some to get their lives back. Initially, it was easy for me as I simply used ammonia and dusted my clothes with diatomaceous earth before wearing. I thought that would be the answer for everyone. But then I got reinfected several years ago and discovered that there are more resistant strains of these parasites. Ammonia was important, but wasn't the answer--even if I boosted it with peppermint. Over the years, others have reported major difficulties getting their surroundings and or laundry disinfected.

I wish there were one answer to the laundry challenge. I can tell you that if you've found your answer, you're in the plus column. For the others who haven't found the answer, it's a matter of experimenting until you find the answer. In response to a recent update, Disinfecting Lanudry for Morgellons,  several have written in with more suggestions. One of which is to use Bounce Sheets in the dryer which is also in my book but I forgot to mention in the update.

Elle writes,
"I too had laundry issues to deal with. I will share what I do because i found it effective. 

When undressing, I stood in the bath/shower and, with a clothes roller, rolled the outside surface of my clothing first. As I took each article of clothing off it was turned inside out. I rolled the inner surface of each item. 

Tear off roller strips and deposit into a gallon sized bag. 

Deposit each item of clothing into a kitchen bag. Seal. 

I believe that standing in the tub/shower minimizes any debris/organisms falling off clothing to contaminate the bathroom area. 


Washer:  I found that I had to increase the ammonia - I use a full two (2) cups with the wash and soak for an hour. I placed magnetic timers on both washer and dryer so family members can tell at a glance “where we’re at” and not mess with the protocol. 

Dryer:  I found adding a full cup of ammonia to the dryer more effective. Also, please hurry (30) minutes before the end of the one-and-a-half hour cycle, I add a stack of Bounce dryer sheets. 

Although annoyingly time consuming, the rolling process for clothing is very effective and made for a far more comfortable and peaceful day, therefore, worth the extra effort. 

Also, there were clothes (mainly undergarments) that just made me itch. I tossed them out with the garbage and replaced with new but very inexpensive from Costco or Walmart.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to reprint with my permission and name. 


Jo, wirites,
She should try Cedarcide's PCO. I would have killed myself iif it wasn't for PCO. I was putting 1 gallon of ammonia in each wash and it did nothing. 

I use a good sturdy plastic tote with a tight fitting lid. I put approx. 8 gallons of cold water in the tote and 1-to-11/2 cups of Cedarcide PCO. Stir it well. It needs to look like milk and smell strongly of cedar, so adjust as needed.

Soak clothes, bedding, and all cloth in it for 1 hour.

Wring out the clothes and put in washer on the cycle and water temp for the clothes and then dry like normal.

The clothes will still smell like cedar which keeps the dryer disinfected and helps keep you protected. I use my PCO and water mix over and over. When it starts to smell rancid you can add more PCO to it if you want. You can add 1 more gallon and 1/8 cup of PCO to it and it will still work. It needs to look like milk and smell of cedar.

Throw it out when it looks dirty. You can also just throw it away when it smells rancid. I am just giving money saving tips. One gallon of PCO is approx. $100.00. I buy from a guy named Ray at Cedarcide; P.O. box 324; Lewisville; Texas 75067. 1-800-842-1464.

I thank both Elle, and Jo for taking the time to share their experiences.  Margo's approach is basic  The problem is that we have no way of knowing what will work for everyone. One thing that might, and I say "Might," prove valuable is the electrostatic sprayer--to lint roller the clothes, launder them, hang them, and then electrostatic spray them. Or hang them in a closet and use the ozone generator to clean them.