Lyme Literate Medical Doctors Treating Morgellons Disease--Dr Schaller Arrested 10/15/18


In response to my update yesterday about inducting Dr. Schallerinto the Morgellons Hall of Fame, Debbie sent me this link about Dr. Schaller being arrested. When you read why the LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) was arrested, you'll understand why Mandy wrote, "He's pretty angry and has called my house 3 times today and left messages."

Lyme Literate Medical Doctors are physicians who go beyond the CDC's scope of how Lyme should be treated. Most of them extensively use antibiotics, which if you read my free report, Lyme Doesn't Have to Own You Anymore, you'll find links to studies that show that antibiotics don't work with chronic Lyme and actually may do more harm than good. Other LLMD's use other therapies such as Himalayan Red Salt and Vitamin C, Rifing or Biofeedback, oxygen therapy, herbs and essential oils. They often rotate treatments to get the best results for the treatment for borrelia burgdorferi. I find it amazing how all of these treatments miss the essence of boosting glutathione and effective use of supplements as in my Collembola/Lyme pack prior to any treatment.
Ellen wrote in after she read my last update about Dr. Schaller

"Hi Richard,

Wow! I was stunned to read Mandy's message to you re: Dr. James Schaller (psychiatrist). When I was first infected and desperate to get help, I researched all the professionals in the Morgellons space. I was in FL at the time, so of course came across Dr. Schaller. Very glad I didn't pursue him! I learned of some sort of domestic event that included a gun (I'm sure it can be found online) that Dr. Schaller was involved with. That told me right away...unstable! I also spoke of him to a medium I was in session with (not sure you believe in those things, but for what it's worth...) and she indicated he was involved with Morgellons for reasons of greed and not to help. 

I actually was seen - and was diagnosed with Morgellons (by history, exam and jeweler's loop!) - by Ginger Savely DNP, in Washington, DC. I am grateful for the validation (it may come in handy one day), however, the appointments were also expensive even just once a year. After many months of multiple and rotating antibiotics, I did not feel I was ultimately helped much. The fact that I still have this scourge today suggests it is the wrong treatment protocol.

The problem with a lot of the practitioners in the space is that they have put all their eggs in the borrelia burgdoferi basket and are no longer open to considering other etiologies. I've heard it said that 80% of the population has been exposed to the lyme bacteria. If that is true, then it wouldn't be surprising to find a link to Lyme disease in Morgellons - or in anything other condition, for that matter, and would mean very little! 

I saw no change with antibiotics, but believe that using them actually harmed me (now have multiple chemical sensitivity). I did see immediate skin changes for the better with the use of antifungals and your debriding soap. After many years of observing the fluctuations of what I now believe is a dimorphic fungalinfection (with possible genetic engineering and/or bacterial co-infection), I think these mostly genuine Morgellons practitioners are on the wrong track! In my opinion, when people become invested in any particular but still-unproven cause, they are much less likely to consider alternatives, which is vital in deferentially diagnosing. 

Just thought I'd share what I knew about James Schaller. He is definitely one to stay away from. And now add all the other Morgellons researchers, as well. They want it to be lyme!

Thanks for all you do, Richard!"


I thank Ellen for sharing. She is a perfect example of what I wrote above about antibiotics not working for chronic Lyme and that the antibiotics can do more harm than good. In a future update I'll address the issue of a variety of variations--at least 15--of borrelia burgdorferi that explains why the Morgellons Disease is different than Chronic Lyme.