Itching and Lesions Gone for Morgellons 12/3/18


In this update, we have two beneficial uses for our Exfoliant cream. Jane writes,

Whenever I itch now, I use your exfoliant cream and crystals pop from skin. When they are gone, itching stops. No lesion occurs where the crystals leave the skin. 

Many times I get something that looked like a crystallized hair follicle cast with Morgellons filaments woven through. Sometimes I get fibers compressed into a hair follicle cast shape. Sometimes it is a bunch of small crystals stuck together.

But no lesions and itching stops. I credit your exfoliant cream for that because when this started out I had lesions, itching, infections.

Thank heavens for you. I’d like to buy the stuff by the gallon!

I thank Jane for taking the time to share her experience. She had contributed before about her experience with the efoliant cream in getting rid of spores and crystals from Morgellons. If you try our Xfoliant, let me know if it works as well for you. The exfoliant cream is also included in the Deep Wound Cleanse kit. There are dozens of skin creams on the market ranging from a few dollars to over a hundred dollars. None, absolutely none do what our creams do. From what I see, they are the best in the world. All they need is a personality like Ophra to adopt them and promote them.

And Christine J finds another value from not only the exfoliant but also the revitalization cream,

"I am so pleased with the results from using the Beautify Forever Xfoliant and Revitalization Creams that I just placed an order for my Mother.

After applying the creams for about 3 weeks, I have noticed a reduction of facial fine lines and wrinkles, especially above my upper lip.

Also, I noticed that the right side of my face was beginning to show signs of Bell’s Palsy again. Since using both creams, the droopy look in my eye and cheek seems to have slowed down. My skin looks cleaner and healthier. Thank you” Christine J.

I thank both Jane and Christine for sharing. Don't let the trade name, Beauty Forever, throw you off. Yes, they do every thing the most expensive beauty creams do--reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate and luminesce your skin and so much more in that, because they contain Nature's GiftDebriding Soap™, they deep clean your skin which is so important in the fight against Morgellons Disease. And the value of that is enormous. Contrary to other skin creams, it's best to wet the skin and then massage them in until the white disappears. The more water you apply, the more you hydrate your skin. First apply the Exfoliant cream to feed and remove dead skin and debris, wipe the skin clean and then then apply the Revitalization Cream.

Note that these creams are not a treatment or cure for Morgellons Disease. They facilitate in deep cleaning your skin so it may function more normally.