Time for Intimacy Again? 11/4/18


This is a question that I often get"

Hello Mr Kuhns,

I believe I am successful with Stage 1, moving to Stage 2. When is it safe to have a intimate relationship again?
So glad to hear of your progress.
I can't say for certain as if it you contaminate someone else, you'd be upset with me.
For me, back then, I made sure I had no biting, itching or crawling. And took a long bath with NG and a disinfectant. And made sure I had not eaten anything that might create an activation.
Hope this helps.
I thank Chris for asking the question. Of course a good precaution would be for you to take a bath with NG and a disinfectant before intimacy, and both of you take a bath with NG and a disinfectant after intimacy.

I remember the isolation well and the fear of infecting someone else. I know that Morgellons, skin mites, and Collembola are sensitive subjects that is a challenge to discuss with others for various reasons. However, if the relationship is important to you, you may want to tactically discuss it. I remember another woman who met someone very special and she was looking for advice.

She was dealing with Collembola and I suggested that she explain to her special someone that there are certain parasitic organisms in the environment that for some reason find some humans, such as her, a sweet and tasty source of food and result in relentless itching and biting sensations. And while it's not contagious to everyone, it is to some; and there's no way of telling beforehand who might or might not be subject to catching it.

You might expect one of three reactions:
1. the person ignoring and not relating or believing what you told them.
2. the desire to know more.
3. that the person will be scared to be with you.

Interesting enough, she didn't get any of those reactions. Her special someone shared that since he served in Iraq that he had the some of the same symptoms of itchy skin and wanted to know what she was doing to get better.

Nevertheless, it is risky to share as you might lose the relationship before it gets started and there's a good possibility that the special someone won't even be affected by the organisms. But then, how would you feel if you didn't broach the subject, infected that special someone, and then had to explain yourself and be blamed for infecting the person as no precautions were taken?

Be advised that many Morgellons and skin parasite experts claim that these organisms are not infectious or contagious to others. One claims that humans only get infected from infected animals. I guess they don't communicate with very many sufferers of these organisms nor have suffered from them. Personally, I know I infected several others and I have received tens of dozens of emails from others who either were infected by someone else or who infected someone else--friend, child, grand child, spouse and so on. I choose to go by my personal experience and the many who have informed me that they either gave or were given the organisms by another person.