Intestinal Parasites Complicate Morgellons 3/27/2022


Dealing with Morgellons can be simple, but often it's not because of other co-factors, This up date is about one of the many types of intestinal parasites that can make getting your life back from Morgellons impossible. Oleta wrote me the following chronicling her experience with Mansonella Perstams. I have never heard of this organism, but then, as you will learn, it doesn't really matter. 

"I have been following you and your information since my body was hijacked.  I recently had a stool sample sent to a lab and I was told that I have a parasite called Mansonella Perstans.  I have never traveled outside of the country but apparently I was bitten by a black fly, biting midge, or mosquito.  I have read about it and it demonstrates my symptoms to the tee.  The larva that people are claiming to see from the skin is the fly larvae and doctors in the U.S. know nothing.  I have been going to traditional doctors for 3years and my stools were tested and so was my blood, but I was told that I did not have anything.  Finally, I found a parasitic Dr. who sent my stool to Lab Core and it was discovered.  I have been taking Ivermectin, and Albendazole so far.  A friend suggested that I make a tobacco smoothie with Red Man Tobacco and the worms came pouring out. ( I think tobacco works best)  I continue your diet because it has been the best way for me to maintain life.  I don't believe anything will work unless  it is done concurrently with the diet.  I just wanted to share my findings and unfortunately, I am breeding these things.  The best way for my family to not catch this is to wear insect repellent
I just wanted to share my findings with you because I know that you are the only one that really give a damn and will distribute the information appropriately.
Thanks for all that you do.  I pray for you often.  You are truly a blessing.  



As my Sunday co-host, Robin, often says, "each of you are my research team," and after reading Oleta's note, I wanted to know more about dosage and also inform her what I also recommend for intestinal parasites. My reply was,

"This is the very reason I have Fen Ben added to our protocol for internal parasites. There are dozens of these kinds of parasites for which we usually can't get testing done. Plus LabCor doesn't even have tests for many of these parasites.

According to Dr. Luna who supplies, lufenuron, nitenpyram, ivermectin and fen ben, fenbendazole is the animal equivalent to albendazole. His website is at
What is the dosage that your doctor has you taking the ivermectin and albendazole?
are they taken at the same time or three days albendazole and then ivermectin for a few days?"

Oleta replied, 

"The protocol is 
Ivermectin 3mg twice a day
400 Mg Albendazole twice a day 
2 Lumbrokinase tablets in the evening for Biofilm

One more thing, search "Gut Zoomer."  Thats the proprietary test that Vibrant America Lab does.

Thanks for you reply.  You are hands down the best resource out there.  I will keep you posted if I think of anything."

I replied thanking her for the protocol. I was not sure if the Albendazole and Ivermectin should be taken together or alternately. informing her of one of the purposes of our Chitosanase Enzymes. 

"Okay, is the Chitosanase in your store?  I will follow this protocol for 4 weeks.  I will rest for 2 to 3 weeks and start again for 4 weeks.  If anything changes I will let you know,"

"Yes Chitosanase is in our store."

I thank Oleta for sharing her experience. Dosage is still something we can use more guidance.
Dr. Luna, wgi syookues /feb ben, recommends 24 capsules of the 444 mg size at one cap a day for three days and then four days off. You could order more, but he believes 24 caps is sufficient. Regarding ivermectin he recommends two capsules (24 mg) at one time, but no more than one capsule daily for two weeks. More details on his website at

For those of you who are new to the program. Dr. Luna has a cancer clinic in Mexico and uses lufenuron and fenbendazole with his cancer patients and has been supplying lufenuron for us for the last six years. Two years ago he added fen ben to his protocol and offered it to our offerings. Last year he was kind enough to give samples of nitenpyram (typically used for fleas) to everyone ordering lufenuron and fen ben to see if it helped with mites. And, we received some glowing results so it is now a part of his offerings. And, since almost everyone wants ivermectin, he provides us with pharmaceutical grade ivermectin so you're not stuck getting animal grade ivermectin from some unknown site