Yea you are getting rich off the suffering people 8/5/18


Out of the middle of nowhere, Christy writes, "Yea you are getting rich off the suffering people!" On rare occasions, I get an email like this. I understand how frustrating it is to fight the skin parasites and get no help from doctors who you'd think would know how to help you. Fortunately, I get a lot more emails from those who have been successful getting their lives back--my next update will be an upbeat one. In the mean time, I'm going to use this one to ask for some help.

"Wow Christy,
How little you know about me.
I find it amazing how those such as yourself come to these conclusions, but every day go to doctors, pay lots of money and then thank them for absolutely nothing and don't complain to them about their ignorance and stupidity when they diagnose you as delusional. Go figure. 
But strangely, there are many who hope I become a millionaire because my products work and relieve suffering. But if you can't afford them in our regular store, we have a discount store where the soap is 50% off for those who were in the armed services or have limited income and no resources like savings or real estate and no one to help them
Do you know we pay Google $500 every three days just so you could find us? That amounts to about $3.50 per click and 90% of those who click were just curious or clicked by mistake. In other words, we paid Google about $3.50 just so you could get my book for free and see if what I had to say made sense. So, you want to attack someone for outlandish profits, attack Google or maybe buy shares in the stock so you can profit too. Of course, we're trying to get away from Google with press releases and smarter marketing, but it's not easy.
We also give away free supplies for those who are broke too--whoops that takes a big bite out of our outlandish profits. lol
We also have an angel program where an angel supports a less fortunate person, but we only have two angels and dozens who qualify for help. Do you know how to do a "Fund Me Page," or perhaps you're in a position you could be an angel to someone?
We're also looking for someone to run a free tele-support group for those who have no support from their spouses, family, and limited funds--this is not a Morgellons support group, but a support group for those who are double abused--abused by doctors and by family. Would you be interested in leading the group? It's a much needed service. If you're available or in a position to help in any way, please let me know. Presently, we have Sandra who coaches for free, Barbara, who introduces what we do to everyone who leaves their phone number when they register to receive my free ebook, and Kat, who may be helping with the next revision of my book. Thank you.
So, rather than accuse me of being a money mongler, how about you putting your resources (time, money, intelligence, etc.) to work and help out some how?
But, in all honesty, most of my richness comes from knowing I make a difference in many people's lives. If I didn't truly make a difference, I'd be doing something else with my time."
 She later wrote to apologize for jumping to conclusions, but didn't volunteer to help. Really, there's so much we can do and I need volunteers:
1. Someone to facilitate the telephone support group for those who are being double abused.
2. Someone who knows how to create Fund Me pages
3. Angels who can contribute approximately $250/month for much needed supplies to those who have lost everything
4. Someone to run the angel program--to qualify recipients and solicit angels.

If you're available or in a position to help in any way, please let me know. Thank you.