Morgellons Syndrome Aggravated by10 Dangerous Health Hazards in Your Home 11/3/19

Morgellons Disease and other skin parasites aggravated by 10 Dangerous health hazards you may have in your home and how to overcome them.

The exact cause of sudden illness is often unable to be determined by Doctors.

1.  Your mattress and bedding are the perfect home for mites that feed on dead skin particles, namely dust mitesRegular cleaning is vital.  As per Onet, up to 10 million dust mites could be living in your bed. The dust mites, per se, are not the problem, it's their excrement that contributes to health issues. 

Weekly washing of your bedding is recommended.  Every two weeks your mattress needs to be sanitized in addition to rotating your mattress so the head of the bed is at the end of the bed and flipping your mattress. When you're dealing with other mites like bird, rat, and so on, daily laundering with disinfectants is necessary. Details found in Chapter III of Richard's book.

Skin irritation, allergies, lesions and eczema can be caused by parasites.

Remembering, Morgellons being a fungal based condition we become very vulnerable to attracting all sorts of additional mites and the likes.  We also have fungus targeting our skin and Fungus loves to weave its way into everything and anything.  Taking special care of your mattress and bedding ensures quicker recovery time and a peaceful, safe place to sleep.

2.  Kitchen chopping boards that display deep scratches need to be replaced.  The debate as weather to use plastic or wooden chopping boards has been resolved.  
All Science Fair Projects concluded after experimentation that wooden chopping boards are safer than older plastic chopping boards.  Bacteria will be pulled into the wood by capillary action and once inside the wood the bacteria will eventually die.  Plastic boards being non porous are easier to clean, however, deep scratches allow for growth of bacteria.

Cross contamination can be avoided by having separate chopping boards for veg, meat and dry foods, example bread.  Cleaning regularly and allowing chopping boards to dry is advised. Use NG Hand Soap or NG All Purpose Degreaserto clean chopping boards and counter tops.

In dealing with Morgellons it is imperative to ensure your chopping boards are free of bacteria and the fungal spores that are expelling off us.  Special attention to this ensures you are not re-contaminating yourself eating meals that should be for nourishment to the body rather than a combo of the former together with fungus.  There was a time I could feel the fungal sporing and was totally aware of it in the peek of Morgellons.  As I started to heal I no longer felt the expelling and was convinced it had stopped.  A light at the top of my front door was the perfect lighting at night to see what extent the expelling was happening.  Although I could not feel it anymore simply brushing my hand across my face I would still see so many of these tiny little things coming off me.

3. Your air conditioning system has air vents that build up moisture. Moisture in turn attracts a wide variety of creatures in addition to mildew that may cause severe health challenges. What should fresh air now becomes an air pollutant.  Regular cleaning will avoid this outcome.

It's easy to overlook what may be the main breeding ground for Collembola, fungus, and other Morgellons organisms in your home.  An article from Richard, Disinfecting with Lime Sulfur 12/12/18, regarding the use of smelly "lime sulfur" and how it gets rid of Collembola and fungus got my interest.  Soon after that I read an article someone wrote in to say she had taken Richards advice and sprayed the stuff and got rid of the drama very quickly.  She mentioned air vents and this was an area I had overlooked.  I took a look and was horrified.  Little colonies of organisms all happily dangling from the grid.  Further inspection they were all perched around the rims of my lampshades like mini crystals on a chandelier.  Desperate, and not getting ahead of the game I got the smelly stuff, think rotten eggs and you will have the idea.  I wanted to test how amazing Lime Sulfur really was and so I sprayed some on a wet wipe and stuck the wet wipe near a colony of organisms on my air-vent.  The next day all were gone.  I did the rest of the home spraying a fine mist and it really was the magic wand turnaround for creating a safe home.  Just one wet wipe on the air vent and they never came back.  I was amazed!  I eventually started using it on my skin.  Another story for another time.

4.  Your home and dampness will soon attract a life force of fungus/mold which then attracts parasites namely Collembolla and Morgellons organisms who live symbiotically with fungus/mold  Ensure your home has adequate sunlight and is is well ventilated. Richard does several things to keep his damp basement free of mold and mildew. He:
?installed a fan in his damp basement that vents to the atmosphere for 30 minutes every three hours.
?has a small fan running continuously to keep a damp corner dry and from growing mold
?runs an
Eva Dry dehumidifier continuously and installed an overflow tube that drains into a sink
?uses two
ozone generators for two hours every week for maintenance.

5.  Your pets bring in all sorts of parasites, microbes and fungi they pick up from the soil. Keeping your bedroom pet free allows your body to repair and heal at ease whilst you are sleeping.
See blog post,
Diagnosing Morgellons and Treating Your Dog 4/17/19.

6.  Replacing chemicals and going natural to keep your environment safe utilizing things you already have in the home like baking soda and vinegar. Use bio-friendly cleaners such as Go Planet Green's Degreaser, Laundry soap and Hand Soap to replace the soaps containing chemicals as reported in blog post Sodium Lauryl Sulfate a toxic ingredient found in your laundry detergent and cosmetics is causing stress on and in your body!

It is imperative to use natural ingredients, knowing we have a volatile creature, Fungus living on our skin.  Using toxic laundry soaps causes it to release mycotoxins and agitates the parasites too.  I'm in a peaceful place using natural detergents and agitated when using toxic soaps.  This is not something I ever had the desire to look into but with having Morgellons my skin always tells me the truth.

7. Don't smoke inside your home as smoke contains carcinogens and instigates the release of mycotoxins. This video is a prime example showing the effects of smoking in a home.  Why some babies got critically ill from the Ergot Fungus whilst others babies not.  Investigation showed the outcome being parents were smoking in the home.

8. Old paint containing toxic chemicals namely lead may still be underlying your existing paint work.  As per 
Healthlinelead is highly toxic. Lead builds up in the body slowly resulting in serious fatal conditions.  Healthline outlines other items in your home that may contain lead and the symptoms of lead toxicity in the body.

9.  Your shower, bath mat, fridge and kitchen sink are moist areas and require regular cleaning to avoid the growth of other pathogens and mold. Keep these areas well ventilated.

10. Carpets easily trap pet parasites, dust mite, dirt, dust, mold spores and pollutants as well as toxic gasses in the air which stick to small particles forming a film of toxic debris beneath your carpets. This toxic debris become airborne daily with activities of vacuuming and walking.

Carpets are mostly made from treated synthetic fibers, these toxic chemicals emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in your home.  A healthier option would be tiled or wooden flooring with natural carpet rugs like hemp and wool.  If these have not been chemically treated they will bear the Green Label Plus Certification Logo as per
The Carpet and Rug Institute.  

I cannot say enough about the dangers of carpets.  I got Morgellons from staying in a moldy home.  After a water leak there was an outbreak of mold which resulted in the home needing renovations.  I left my home for a year to try and recover from Morgellons.  The tiles were replaced, kitchen cupboards and a new coat of paint throughout my home.  I went back to stay there and after a week I started to get prickles coming from my carpets which looked clean and intact.  The water leaks had not leaked onto the carpets and I thought all was good and well.  I stood and watched while my carpets were being removed.  I was dumb founded when I saw a huge dense black forest of mold thriving under my carpets.  What was happening with prickles being emitted from my carpets and random holes in the carpets was eventually happening on my body.  I soon learned what's eating your home is eating you. Read blog post,
Cleaning Carpets/Rugs of MorgellonsDisease 6/19/19 Often times, its simply prudent to get rid of your carpets.

Is there any evidence supporting the fact that your environment plays a huge role in determining your health?  

Absolutely Yes!  

The Science of Epigenetics proves the way your genes are influenced by your environment. 

 Encyclopedi mentions, Our genes "Listen" to the environment in many complex ways that stipulate our health and behavior.  The diets, drugs many iterative diseases, toxins, our lifestyle, stress and where we live can modify both the host cells together with their DNA.

Do you know how hugely your environment effects you? 

 • Live Science shares how identical twins, Scott and Mark Kelly, -- at least they were identical twins until Scott spent a year in space.  His body weight had decreased, he was two inches taller and his gut bacteria were totally different.  His gene expression had transformed that changed the astronauts immune system,eye sight, bone formation and other bodily processes. 

Interestingly, over he shrunk back down to his initial "prespaceflight" height.

♥  Identical twins growing up in different environments also no longer look identical.

♥  Thousands of people heal just from moving out of their moldy homes into a safe clean home.

Can you now see how taking care of these 10 dangerous health hazards, you can have a healthier home and a healthier you? 

You have the power to influence your genes to impact your health positively.

Author -  Diane Shannon - South-Africa
               (Alias "Morgellons and Slime Mold" on youtube)

“Optimal Wellness is a condition of complete physical, mental and social vitality, not simply the nonappearance of dis-ease symptoms"