You Can Get the Upper Hand with Morgellons Disease 12/30/18


Hi Richard,

I ordered the NG debriding soap a couple of months ago along with the liquid shower soap.
I want to thank you for creating your products!

I’m sure you hear much of the same sad story from many people about dealing with this awful condition.

Since about May of ‘18, I got an awful rash seemingly from nowhere and it came on quickly.

I’m a paralegal who works for an insurance company doing research for the attorneys in the underwriting department. So my first thought was to begin to research about my symptoms and went to 4 doctors including an infectious disease doctor.

She told me I just had some type of rash and when she saw I take an antidepressant and anti anxiety medications because depression runs in my family and I have panic attacks, she asked me how well my anxiety was being controlled. I told her my anxiety was not well because I have some sort of parasite biting me and torturing me with creepy crawling feelings mainly on my shoulders and middle of my back. I showed her the angry awful red bumps and marks from my scratching.

Well as I’m sure you know, that was a waste of time...she nicely told me that stress is making my body break out in the rash and so I should see my GP doc again and perhaps add a low dose of Valium to help me for a couple of months.

In the meantime, my 79 year old mom whom I help take care of because she is in a senior living apartment and doesn’t drive, keeps telling me to see another doctor because surely he or she will know what I have & will prescribe me the magic pill or cream that will fix my problem.

I know my mom means well but she doesn’t understand my condition and she is from the generation that thinks doctors have all the answers and can always help...obviously not the case with what I have.

I tried that ridiculous permethrin cream 6 times because a dermatologist was convinced I had scabies. And I took one round (4 pills) of ivermectin.
Wow those pills were awful!! I was dizzy and my whole body was aching so horribly for 2 weeks I couldn’t get out of bed; I seriously was afraid I was going to die.

And yet, the rash and the tiny black & dark brown dots were still an infuriating reality.

I was taking Benadryl 3-4 times a day and using can after can of anti itch spray.

I also started on my cleaning crusade. I stopped wearing my good clothes and dry cleaned & bagged my good bedding and Walmart became my place to get basic clothes to wash in hot water and my dryer daily with borax, bleach, arm & hammers’ detergent with sodium carbonate in it and Lysols’ laundry sanitizer.

Thank goodness my GP doc gave me a letter to give to my water company saying that I have a condition that requires I have a large amount of water allowance daily or my water bills would be hundreds monthly and I live alone.

Online I ordered two products that I tried that did nothing.

And then thank God I found your website, info and products!!
It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly as I took at least one bath a day-sometimes two if I could, my symptoms started to fade away and my old scars healed.

I’m still amazed when I drain my tub before I sanitize it with ammonia, that I see the little “dots” and the things that look like an eyebrow hair-straight & tiny, still there.
My eyes have become so tuned into seeing every small thing around me, it’s exhausting.

Since I’ve had panic attacks for 20 years since my dad died, this whole nightmare has definitely given me ptsd. I hate to use that term because I’m concerned how people who don’t understand how traumatizing this condition is can perhaps think that I’m using a term that is usually reserved for war veterans and such.

I tell people I have been at war with what’s in my skin. Some people understand, others don’t. I tell them that if they happen to be so unfortunate to get this nightmare, then they’ll know what it does to the body, the mind and finances.

Anyways, it’s a miracle that I’m feeling so much better using your products!! In fact, I just ordered more.

Oh & by the way, a little while back, I saw an email that talked about how some people get these things and others who are right around them don’t. I didn’t have a chance to reply but I know for a FACT that is true!

That’s because a friend of a friend of mine has said that he’s seen the “dots” or “specks” & the other small things he thought were eyebrow hairs. But then he said he couldn’t figure out what it all was but he’s not bothered by any of it.

Meanwhile, he told me that his wife whom he sleeps in bed with has the same symptoms as I do and is constantly itching and has given up because she has been to many doctors and tried the usual medications and since nothing has worked, she just suffers!

I told him about your website and products and told him that they both need to use them because he’s giving them to her! Unfortunately I don’t know her so I don’t feel comfortable talking to her about her health.

I figure that it’s like fleas, when I was young we always had a dog and back 20 years ago, the flea treatments were not good at all. I remember that my moms feet and ankles were covered with flea bites while me, my dad and brother only got bitten once in awhile.

Thank you for reading, my apologies I tried to keep it as short as possible but in closing, I want to thank you again for creating your products and taking your time to help others.

I haven’t been able to join in the weekly phone discussions because Sunday is a day that I help my mom all day. But one Sunday soon, I’ll tell my mom to rearrange the day, so I can join in and learn more about dealing with this nightmare.

At least for now, I’m able to live almost itch free (but if I do itch I’ve found peppermint oil applied to the area to help immensely). I figured this because I see it as an ingredient in many of the products.

It’s odd that I’ll have 2-4 good days with almost no symptoms and then I’ll have a day where I’m itching more & my skin is red... I suppose that’s because everything goes in a “cycle”.
However, it sure is better than a few months ago!!

I know that my journey with all of this isn’t over yet but at least I can go through my day much more comfortably!

Oh and the other thing that is perplexing to me is that about a month before I had any symptoms or itching, I found that the bedroom where a roommate was that I had to evict was infested with carpet beetles. Luckily I saw them as they had only ruined a couple pieces of clothing. I then had an exterminator treat my carpet. Then about a month later, I started having the beginning symptoms of the mites or whatever I have exactly. I’ve always wondered if the beetles & my condition are somehow linked?

After the new year, I’m having all my carpet removed and installing all wood flooring.
I hope my condition will improve more with the carpet gone.

Thank you Richard for your time!
Happy New Year!"

Thanks for taking the time to share your improvement. I'm glad that the products we have benefited you. Unfortunately, doctors are of little help. I'm amazed that they can look at the rashes, non healing lesions, filaments growing from some people's skin and diagnose it as delusional--even when it's on one's back where you can't reach to irritate with scratching.

Carpet beetles can be one of the many vectors that carry mites and collembola.

I see from your questionnaire, that you were most likely dealing with mites, Collembola and you had 3 of the 7 symptoms for strongyloides, (rashes, alternating constipation diarrhea, and loss of weight).  It still might be a good idea to get a blood test for Strongyloides too. The biggest problem is to convince the doctor to order the test. Have her google the symptoms of strongyloides and she will see the seven symptoms and then perhaps be emphatic and ask her to humor you. It might be for naught or it could be an issue and convince her that your symptoms are an indicator of Strongyloides.

You didn't mention the diet, I hope you've been on the diet. Apparently, you're doing a good job of disinfecting your environment, otherwise you wouldn't be progressing.

Now, that you're on the right track, it might be helpful to review the protocol I sent you to see what more you could do to accelerate your progress. Also, in the answers to your questionnaire, you did not respond to finding filaments or fibers, and now you see them in the tub. That's an indication of Morgellons and would expand your protocol to include the following:

5. L-Glutamine for intestinal health for $24.95 

6. MSM capsules to replenish sulfur that the body badly needs for $26.40

7. Systemic Enzymes to reduce fiberous debris through out the body for $84.99

All seven supplements in this protocol are available individually or in the Morgellons/Collembola pack  for $289.00--a savings of $15 over the individual price.

Additionally, if you have digestive issues, I recommend the following:

8 a Agro Relief/Gluten Relief Enzymes without probiotics for $22.50

9. Skin Regenerator with polyphenols. I'm often asked what to do for helping your skin from the inside and, if affordable, specific polyphenols are the best thing you can do for regenerating your skin from the inside. It also has ginger which is also great for digestive health for $49.90

Important: While probiotics are recommended for Morgellons, probiotics feed Collembola and therefore not recommended until your reach late Stage II of the King diet.

Perhaps, you could join in the meeting while at your mother's for a short period of time.

You also wrote about your panic attacks. And, believe it or not. in what seems like my past life, I coached hundreds of people from their panic attacks and agoraphobia with a new revolutionary approach. My life has taken a turn away from it to Morgellons and other skin parasites since they interrupted my life. But, everything I created is at  and is still the state of the art--new and revolutionary. Forgive the old look to the website as it just sits there waiting for me to return one day, market it, bring it new life, and help panic sufferers everywhere.

I thank Stephanie for taking the time to share her experience since she first started the program. Results can be fast, and while there may be other products that work, most don't and we're told time and time again that our products containing Nature's Gift utilizing angstrom technology and supplements are the best.