Gut Bacteria  Aids In Morgellons Recovery And Dictates Your Health 11/18/19


Did you know there are differences in gut bacteria between healthy and sick people? 

It's always been known bacteria in the gut are for digestion, however recently it has been discovered they do a whole lot more.

New discoveries and new solutions.  If you're interested in wellness, read on.

♥  Gut bugs affect a host of bodily functions, from the production of vitamins, anti-inflammatory compounds, immune defenses as well as chemicals that relay messages among brain cells.

>  If this is what healthy gut bugs can do, imagine how this entire process is disabled by unhealthy gut bugs, hence disabling our immune system, the struggle with Morgellons. In a recent blog post, Good-bye to Intestinal Issues Associated with Morgellons, glyphosate, the herbicide by Monsanto called Round Up, (also an antibiotic) gets in our food supply and over time destroys our healthy gut microbes.

•  Lack of healthy microbes are now implicated in conditions as diverse as diabetes, dementia, and schizophrenia, gastrointestinal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and wider ranges of disease like obesity, type 2 diabetes, autism and atopy. The more you google the longer the list gets. 

Knowing that good bacteria play such a huge role in so many functions contributing to health, can you see how so many of us may have overlooked something that we thought was such a small thing, and yet it’s just so big?

•  Is this not maybe the reason why so many people take so long to heal from Morgellons? Richard says, "Fact is that Morgellons, as it takes hold, the intestinal tract is first to fall. Or, is it that when the healthy gut microbes are wiped out, Morgellons takes hold? It's the chicken or egg riddle."

•  It sure has been something I have never paid attention to.  Flushing out my colon and being obsessed with parasites has been my all and every focus.  In fact I went to Ayurvedic Clinic eight months ago for a bio-feed back scan.  A ninety eight page print out pouring out the printer.  I asked the Doctor if there was anything that stood out for him regarding my status.  He asked me, "Do you have challenges processing food".  I said, 'Hell yes, why do you ask?"  He said, "Because you hardly have any microbes".

Now that I have discovered the importance of this, clearly I need to take charge.  It will be interesting to see what the new scan will show.  I will share the outcome with you in due coarse.

•  However, there is the BUT when it comes to Morgellons and probiotics!

As Richard has clearly pointed out in his book "How to Get your Life Back"  He mentions probiotics activate Collembola so it is imperative that you have done stage 1 of the diet and only when you are on stage 2 of the diet then you introduce probiotics.  I am at that stage now and can do this.  I must share with you Richard has left no stone uncovered in his book.  It sure saved my life.  Initially reading it when he mentioned omega 3 fish oil gets the parasites going I thought he must be mistaken. How can something so healthy be bad?  I chose to ignore that and continued taking omega 3 fish oil.  Sticking to stage 1 of the diet things had improved greatly but I was not getting to the point of no activity.  I then eliminated omega 3 and all went well.

How easy it is with the human condition to always think we know it all when here is a man that went through untold hell of 15 years to discover the do's and dont's with this condition.  He trouble shooted each and every aspect of the diet and here we have it handed to us, yet most will choose to incorporate certain aspects and discard what doesn't suit their belief structure.

This clearly is the age of microbiome.

•  Integrative Medicine: A Clinicians Journal mentions The Gut-Brain Axis is a system of complete communication integrating hormonal, neural, and immunological signaling between the gut and the brain, offering the intestinal microbiota and its metabolites a way through which access can be made to the brain.  This communication system is bi-directional, hence enabling the brain to command gastrointestinal functions.
Recently I have started a business cooking healthy home made meals for Senior citizens in old age homes, and I have been shocked to find such an alarming rate of dementia suffers.

Gut Bacteria and a link to Dementia and Brain Fog

In Japan researchers compared dementia-free senior adults and those with the disease showed the two groups had very different gut "microbiome.

•  As per Eurekalert Studied were done on fecal samples and showed that concentrations of ammonia, skatole, indole, and phenol were higher in dementia patients versus those not having dementia.  Bacteroides, beneficial organisms that live in the intestines under healthy conditions were lower in dementia patients.

•  Alzheimers Association shows far more alarming stats.

•  5.8 million Americas are currently living with Alzheimer’s.  In 2050 this figure will increase to about 14 million.

•  In 2019, Dementia and Alzheimer’s costs to the nation stands at $290 Billion.  By 2050, rising to $1.1 trillion.

•  Every 65 seconds in the United States someone develops the disease.

  Dementia kills more than prostrate cancer and breast cancer combined.

•  200,000 people under 65 have early symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

• Roughly 95% of all those who have completed Richard's questionnaire are affected by brain fog. Brain fog is described by some as you walk into a room looking for something and you simply forget what you were looking for. While this happens to everyone from time-to-time, with Morgellons, it's almost every time. Fortunately, boosting glutathione with
MaxOne glutathione often times dramatically helps improve the condition. 

Since becoming fully aware of dementia types of disease in the stats shown and my daily encounters with so many sufferers I have been reminded of my own forgetfulness.  Lucky I remember, It never used to be this way. Three years ago, with the onset of Morgellons, I would completely blank out.  Suddenly I would not know where I was or how I got to the place I was?  This happened many times, luckily recall would come back within a few minutes which felt like forever.

Richard laments,
"My mother developed dementia when she was in her late 60's. She used to have a craft supply store of thousands of little items. She knew where she bought each one and how much she paid for it. Now, she doesn't even remember that she had a store, much less what kind of store she had. It's a terrible disease. Even though she's retained some of her humor and personality, it's like she's only a shell. Some in her unit at the Veteran's home cry constantly and some have tremors. It is not a nice way to spend the last years of your life."

Let’s take a look at common every day, and hugely overlooked early symptoms that a lot of people display.  The symptom of forgetfulness.

Maybe you have noticed these early warning signs in people you know, or even yourself.

 •  Repetitive conversations or questions.
 •  Forgetting appointments or events.
 •  Misplacing your personal belongings.
 •  Poor decision-making abilities. 
 •  Out-of-character shifts in mood, including apathy, agitation, lack of motivation, interest, initiative or even withdrawing socially.
 •  Battling to find the right words.

•  Medical News Today points out more symptoms and how to identify if you need to take action.

All disease begins decades before symptoms manifest. 

know this important fact.  

Have you ever walked into a room and clearly forgot why you were there?

Have you ever been introduced to someone, minutes later you have forgotten their name?

Have you ever told someone about an event and then they said to you, “You have mentioned that before.”

Time goes by and forgetfulness gradually happens more often.  You confide in a friend about how forgetful you have become, and they answer, “Don’t worry I’m exactly like that to.”

Just the answer you needed to hear, you feel relieved, after all it’s just the way things are.

But is it?

It's these small things that may turn out to be the big things and it’s nice to know ahead of time early warning signs to these small things so you can take action and avoid the big things.

There is a progressive way forward, now that we know the secret to wellness lies in your gut. First, with Morgellons, many experience leaky gut syndrome and by feeding the mucosa L-Glutamine strengthens the membrane junctures. Secondly, provide a healthy environment for restoring the healthy microbes with Restore. RESTORE helps create a biological environment for good gut bacteria to grow and flourish, to support improvement of overall health.

Learning to use a technique such as Self Hypnosis to improve memory is a start, but you really want to begin
supporting your gut health with a product like
Restore. and also avoid sources of fluoride, Reduce Stress by Saying "NO" to Fluoride.

There is a way forward as we have never known the secret to wellness lies in your gut.

Part 2 to follow “Healthy Gut Bugs Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” An empowering article that reveals the biggest threat to our gut health--glyphosate as explained in blog post,
Glyphosate News and Morgellons Sufferers.

Author - Diane Shannon (South-Africa)
Alias  -  Morgellons and Slime Mold on youtube

"Some people drink at the fountain of knowledge, whist others only gargle"
- Robert Anthony.