Gum Issues and Morgellons Disease 4/25/19


Morgellons Disease has a way of destroying many parts of your body. Your gums can be one of the first targets and before you know it, periodontal disease sets in and next comes bone loss and shortly thereafter good-bye teeth. This update is built on an earlier one, Gum Problems and Morgellons.

What can you do for your gums? Answer: Several things.

First of all, get rid of tooth paste with fluoride--see
War of Fluoride. Personally, I like to simply wet my tooth brush and dip it into a box of baking soda. Baking soda can be swallowed when you're done and you can't imagine how sweet water tastes afterwards.

floss your teeth daily. If you have space between your teeth, in addition to flossing, use the small pointed brush to brush between your teeth.

Thirdly, clean away
biofilm with our NG Mouth wash. Swish it around for up to fifteen minutes and then slowly swallow it to let it clean your digestive and intestinal systems as the mouth wash can be so much more. Remember, NG is liquid carbon so its no different than taking charcoal, except this is in liquid form. It's chemical analysis is carbon.

Fourthly, feed your gums glutathione. Glutathione supports the function and structure of every cell, but how do you get the glutathione to target your gums? Answer:
Nano Glutathione. Nano Glutathione is a liquid that you put into your mouth. While MAxOne is a capsule, Nano Glutathione is a liquid. A dropper full is all you need. It's generally used sublingually--held under the tongue. However, in this instance, use your tongue to distribute the liquid around your gums for about two minutes and then shift the liquid under your tongue and hold it there for another 90 seconds to absorb all the glutathione. What you do next depends on what stage of the diet you're on. If you're on Stage I, you spit out the liquid as the ingredients that accompany the glutathione are not compatible with Stage I of the diet. If you're into Stage 2 or higher,  you can try swallowing the liquid and see if it doesn't activate the parasites. But, remember, that there's no nutritional value of the liquid so there's nothing lost by spitting it out.

ionic minerals. Add a sachet of the ionic minerals to about two ounces of distilled or high quality water and let sit for about 2 minutes or so. Then, take a small amount into your mouth and let your gums bathe in it for four of five minutes and gradually swallow. Repeat this until the entire two ounces is used up. After all the water has been consumed, place the sachet into your drinking bottle.

Steps three, four, and five can be done in any order.

Nasal issues? Maybe use a dropper or applicator to insert Nano Glutathione into your nostrils to clean your sinuses and create a suction to draw it into your mouth. You can also apply a drop or two direct to any lesion and it's said to reduce time of suffering from shingles significantly.