Gout and Renal Issues for Morgellons Sufferers  5/18/18


Received this email from a diabetic who is also suffering with gout and Morgellons Disease.

"I have your book and it has helped me IMMENSELY.  I have something similar to or related to Morgellons.  I don't know exactly what I have been suffering for over a year.  I'm doing rather well now following the diet, baking soda, etc.  I have type II diabetes and moderate renal failure.  My problem is I have developed VERY painful gout in my big toe.  My big toe is extremely swollen. It & the front of my foot is red.  Since with the diminished kidney function my treatment choices are very limited.  My doctor prescribed Prednisone,  20 mg tablets, 1 per day for 5 days.   She doesn't believe I actually have parasites so I can't tell her why I'm afraid to take the Prednisone.  Please HELP.  I don't want to lose my foot or have more issues, but I DON'T want those parasites back in full force!  PLEASE, DEAR GOD, HELP ME!!  I need to do something right away. My book is in transit for a move so I can't get to it but I think I  remember something negative about Prednisone."


"Thanks for writing
Actually, there's nothing negative about prednisone as it is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

If you google "gout and glutathione" you'll find that boosting your glutathione may well be the answer you're looking for.

And it certainly will help your kidneys too

I'd recommend our MaxOne or Nano Glutathione (if you're on stage II of the diet).

Other glutathione supplements will simply not get the job done or they will interfere with the diet.

Being that I'm not a doctor, FDA regulations require me to tell you to consult with your doctor before accepting my recommendations of diet or any supplements to make sure they won't interfere with any medical problems you're having.

Gout creates lots of inflammation and glutathione is the body's major anti inflammatory agent--the natural way of reducing inflammation. The inflammation traps the uric acid. Look at it this way: You body isn't deficient in prednisone, it's deficient in glutathione and there's no problem using prednisone and boosting glutathione at the same time.

Juanita shares about diet and gout,
"Gout is an accumulation of uric acid and a good doctor told me years ago... Best to avoid foods that cause it.... For me it was mushrooms, chocolate and coffee...particularly shellfish.. .normally if all else is ok I can drink some black coffee... (thank goodness)...

Being food related, very helpful to keep a log of all things you consume so when a gout flare up happens the offending factor can be determined and avoided... They can be hidden ingredients..ie: yeast, even B vitamins.or yeast rolls...

Since gout is a built up acidity...uric acid...first avoid the offending foods and seems like calcium and magnesium supplements buffer the acid, even soaking the feet in Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) could accelerate relief. Or in the tub soak your whole body!..just a suggestion.

Thanks Richard, the more we know the better equipped we are to recover our health and life back!"

I thank her for taking the time to contribute. As she noted, keeping a diary can be super important to determine which specific foods aggravate the condition."

She also forwarded me a
table listing purine content of various foods, compliments of Acumedico. The idea is to consume foods with less purine.

Another lady wrote in to say that her doctor recommended she drink tart cherry juice and that took away the gout. However, cherry juice is not on the King Diet

Regarding renal failure, glutathione is a major player as found in a study
Restoring glutathione as a therapeutic strategy in chronic kidney disease,  published Aug 2004, finds that restoring glutathione valuable in dealing with oxidative stress leading to renal failure.