Glyphosate News and Morgellons Sufferers 2/4/19 
Cheryl has shared a fantastic site all about glyphosate called Glyphosate News. Check it out. Remember glyphosate is the main ingredient in Round Up herbicide. And, glyphosate is also antibiotic. And, because of the millions of tons of glyphosate used on our good crops within the last 20 years, it's in our water, air and food supply. And, it limits the ability of the food crop to uptake vital minerals needed for good health. And, since it's an antibiotic, it kills off the good bacteria in our bodies. And, it weakens all barrier cells in our bodies--intestinal barrier, brain barrier, sinus barrier, and so on. And the graphic of it's exponential use since the late 90's parallels the incidence of diabetes, autism, allergies, and many other health issues that were almost non existent before it's introduction to farming. And, it has been recently linked to the cause of certain types of cancer. And, many other countries have banned it and the FDA with it's ties to Monsanto keep it in use in our country. And, by diminishing the good flora has provided Lyme disease a feast in all animals, including humans. And, it most likely could be the single contributing cause to the creation of Morgellons. And, the ands don't  stop here. There are many more of them that just aren't coming to mind right now. Bottom line, it's evil and destroys the fabric of our health and eventually the ability to reproduce. It must be outlawed along with GMO's and other herbicides and pesticides that do harm as I reported in a recent update, GMO's Connection to Morgellons, that has the links to the GMO's Revealed video series.

Right now there are class actions suits being planned from those who have had contact with it and are diagnosed with a certain cancer. In time, there will most likely be class action law suits for those with autism, diabetes, and hopefully Morgellons. But, first the CDC needs to wake up and acknowledge Morgellons as a disease.

In the meantime, keep watch to see what's new on the Glyphosate News site and please keep me informed and fight back by shifting to organic foods and grow your own organic vegetables. Yes, if you have a garage or basement that's cluttered with stuff that is wasting space, get rid of it and put in hydroponics or aquaponics.

Hydroponics is where you grow food indoors without the plants being in ground. You feed the plants the essential nutrients, use no pesticides and can actually earn an income if you sell to restaurants that are going organic. Aquaponics is when you add fish to the operation and circulate the water containing fish waste to the plants as plant food and feed the fish healthy fish food. If you're interested in getting started, I can help with a series of youtube videos I've found to make it easy for you to succeed. With aquaponics you can raise fish and grow vegetables and sell both if your garage or basement is large enough.

While we're talking about income. I know many of you have lost your jobs and careers because of the interruption Morgellons, mites, skin fungus, and or Collembola have interfered with your health. I also know that many of you have special skills that can utilized as you are getting your life back. And many of those skills can mutually benefit both you and me.

As you may well know, we not only have NG debriding soap and many creams, soaps and lotions in our on-line store, but we also have NG degreaser, NG laundry soap, NG plant shield--all made from renewable plant sources with the USDA insignia.

The market to which we now market--skin parasites--is a tiny market of all possible markets for our NG products. Look at the following markets and see if you have an "In" or would be a fit to facilitate marketing:

1. Beauty forever creamsto other on-line stores and so on, or find a celebrity to adopt it.
2. Degreaser to schools, colleges, nursing homes, industry, hospitals, car rental agencies, and so on.
3. Degreaser to oil producing companies, shipping, and storage facilities.
4.Plant shield to golf courses, fruit tree, coffee, and so on groves, horticulture, and so on
5. Pet applications--ear cleanse, mange, and so on
6. Special applications such as MRSA, poison ivy, insect bite cleanses.
7. Laundry Soap to nursing homes, hospitals, and so on