Brain Fog,  Fibromyalgia  and Morgellons Disease 12/27/19


Morgellons syndrome, the not a disease condition according to the CDC, never exists by itself. If it existed by itself, one could easily get rid of it. Many sufferers, in an attempt to get a diagnosis--something I cant do because I'm not an MD, send me pictures and videos of things collected from their skin, hair, clothing, and bed sheets. Unfortunately, the pictures tell me very little. At most I can say the pictures have some similarity to pictures sent by others who are dealing with Morgellons.

But the pictures don't tell me if they might be dealing with Collembola, skin fungus, mites, or even something else. The attached questionnaire provides me a very detailed picture--pun intended. Many of my updates deal with mites, skin fungus, and Collembola but rarely do I address brain fog and fibromyalgia.

Of the hundreds of questionnaires I've analyzed approximately 95% are dealing with brain fog and about 90% with fibromyalgia. The interesting thing is my supplement recommendations for Morgellons also benefits those with brain fog and fibromyalgia. Why? Answer: the friend of both brain fog and fibromyalgia is inflammation. And, my protocol includes the best anti inflammatory known to man--boosting glutathione.

Glutathione is made in every cell of your body. Unfortunately, it's quickly depleted by stress, aging, pollution, illness, injury, radiation, NSAIDs--see blog post Depleted Glutathoine by NSAID’S is a Slow Death for Morgellons Syndrome 11/21/19

NSAID's are medications like the popular asprin, Motrin, Advil, Nuprin and even Tylenol is a major issue. All of them deplete glutathione. It amazing, the medical profession robs Peter to pay Paul. They recommend meds that destroy glutathione to help with pain. Yes, take these meds to reduce inflammation to get rid of pain. Yes, inflammation is one of the main causes of PAIN. Inflammation cuts off the circulation. Circulation of your blood carries away waste products and toxins from your musculature. If you don't get rid of them, pain is the result.

Are you getting this picture? You have brain fog and conditions like fibromyalgia because of insufficient glutathione in your cells. Insufficient glutathione allows inflammation to run rampant. Inflammation results in pain and brain fog. Big pharma and your doctor give you aspirin and the other meds to reduce inflammation. They do that and also destroy what little glutathione you have left. Isn't  this the craziest circle of pain and aggravation ever. Gives me a pain to just think about this stupidity.

Does your doctor know about glutathione? Ask him. I asked mine and my wife's doctor about glutathione and they were totally ignorant about its value as an anti inflammatory agent. No wonder they prescribe these stupid meds. Now, I'm not saying never take any of these meds. I get a headache about once every six months and one tablet of Excedrin works wonders. But, that's a lot different than taking it daily. Daily, I use stress management awareness techniques to head off physical tensions that might lead to a headache.

The goal is to find an anti inflammatory. Fact is there are dozens and dozens of natural anti inflammatory agents--milk thistle (used to be part of my protocol many years ago before I knew about glutathione), fish oils, curcumin, tumeric, zinc, green tea, frankincense, capsaicin, cat's claw, and so on. Actually, you can take all of these except for fish oils which are not on the King Diet­™.

But why would you want to take all of those natural anti inflammatory agents when just one will do the job? Yes, boost your glutathione to reduce inflammation. But you might say, "It's so expensive, " and I agree that if it were only an anti inflammatory, you'd be right. But, glutathione is much more. And it's found in every cell of your body.
1. It's the most powerful detoxifier in the body--gets rid of heavy metals, pesticides, and even poisons.
2. It's the most powerful protector of free radical damage. Free radicals oxidize your cells like rust destroys metal.
3. It protects your DNA from being damaged.
4. It improves the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen.
5. It protects your immune system.
6. It modulates the mitochondria in each cell to prevent premature aging and death of the cells.
7. It reactivates Vitamin C and greatly improves the function of Vitamin A, E, and Alpha Lipoic acid

Will milk thistle, for example,do all of this? Or, any of the other anti inflammatory agents mentioned above? Sure, not a problem taking them, but do not take them to replace boosting glutathione.

The only problem with glutathione is that taking it as a supplement only increases or boosts glutathione about 30% max. Sure, it helps but not that much because most of the glutathione in the supplement gets digested in the stomach and never makes it into the blood stream.

Our MaxOne supplement is not a glutathione supplement, it boosts the production of glutathione. Instead of it being glutathione, it's two supplements bonded together by a patented process. The two supplements are D-Ribose and L-Cysteine. They get past the digestive system and direct into the cellular mechanism where it serves a dual purpose. The D-Ribose is a special sugar that feeds the mitochondria in the cell and the L-Cystein contributes to the production of glutathione--an estimated boost of not just 30% but about 270%. And, believe me to make a dent in reducing the inflammation that contributes to brain fog, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and all other diseases that much is required. Fact: every disease is complicated by inflammation.

Now, let me put this in perspective and let's do the math. A month supply of MaxOne (the only supplement compatible with the King Diet™) is $65 on subscription or $75 non subscription. If you use over the counter glutathione supplements that might be about $18/month, you need to take the equivalent of 9 of those supplements costing a total of $162. So, is MaxOne all that expensive when you consider all that it does and its' comparative value?

In addition to MaxOne, we also have Nano Glutathione in our on-line store. The difference is that MaxOne is in capsule form taken two per day. Nano Glutathione is a liquid take sublingually under the tongue. Because of some of the ingredients in Nano Glutathione, it is not compatible with Stage I of the King Diet.

In summary, boost your glutathione and say good-bye to inflammation contributing to brain fog and fibromyalgia. But, that's not all. As reported in my book, glutathione is a major supplement used in the fight against Morgellons Disease.