Fight Morgellons Disease
by Boosting Glutathione 6/30/18


Boosting glutathione is important to do for many many reasons. It's really too bad that doctors do not have you tested for glutathione levels like the do for cholesterol and so on. Then, you'd know that what I'm telling you is the absolute truth. And the truth is that it is impossible for you to be alive, be dealing with skin parasites in the midst of all of life's stresses and not be deficient in glutathione.

As I wrote in one of my last updates, I learned of MaxOne from a subscriber who claimed she was cured of Morgellons by boosting glutathione. It was the time when I was in the midst of suffering from chronic Lyme disease. Within 6 weeks of boosting my glutathione, my Lyme symptoms diminished 95%. Well, you and I know that there is no cure for Morgellons or Lyme, but the results were amazing.

So, amazing that I sponsored a small study at my expense. I provided about 20 bottles of MaxOne to volunteers. 80% reported significant benefit from boosting glutathione. That was at the recommended dose of 2 caps per day, Perhaps had we gone up to 6 to 8 caps per day, the 80% may have been higher.

Two caps a day are recommended for maintenance. However, if you want faster results, and not wait 6 weeks like I did, you may need to go up to 8 caps a day and then back down to a maintenance dose which could be as low as 2 per day.

Remember, that 2 caps per day of MaxOne boost you glutathione by 270%--wow--compared to the typical glutathione supplements you find that only boost you by 20-to-35%. And most importantly, MaxOne creates the boost in the cells themselves, whereas, all other supplements and even shots boost glutathione only in the blood stream. And, you want glutathione in the cells themselves where it can fully do what it's supposed to do.

Denote writes and asks,

"Hello Richard I just ordered the Morgellons kit and I was wondering when I first get it when do I go up to 8 max ones and 8 Garcillin per day?"
Start with one capsule a day of Maxone and one of Garcillin
after two days increase to two MaxOne per day and one Garcillin
after about four days, increase to 3 MaxOne per day and stay at one Garcillin.
after a week go to 4 Maxone per day and 2 garcillin (space them out during the day)
after ten days go to 5 Maxone per day and 2 garcillin
every two or three days increase by one max one and another garcillin until you notice significant improvement.
When you reorder, go to Garcillin II. Each capsule of Garcillin II can equal 2-to-4 of the regular Garcillin and you can go up to 6 per day of Garcillin II. 
Then, you can start reducing gradually both supplements to whatever amount you need to maintain your improvement.
Watch for detox reactions. If you have any detox--light headedness, muscle aches, diarrhea, upset stomach, etc. Stop both Maxone and Garcillin until they subside and then continue.
You can detox several times over the course of using both supplements.
This is super important: Drink lots and lots of water with MaxOne. You can take it with or without food any time during the day. Avoid taking it before bedtime as it may energize you. And remember, you got worse one day at a time so you don't expect to suddenly get better. It's important to give MaxOne at least two months and it's highly beneficial to add Garcillin, ionic minerals and the multivitamin as well.

Hope this helps

Why should she ever stop boosting glutathione? It does things that otherwise would take a dozen supplements. It's detoxifies, is an anti inflammatory, enhances the ability of

hemoglobin to carry oxygen, protects against oxidative stress (free radical damage), protects your DNA, recyclesvitamin C, keeps your cells from premature aging, supports liver functioning, skin health, eye health, and so on. Now why wouldn't you want to keep all that happening in your body? Too bad you can't crawl into your body and watch it at work. One important note: It's important to drink lots and lots of water with MaxOne. And that's a good thing to do anyway to support good health.

My goal is to have everyone using our basic package of MaxOne, Garcillin, Multi vitamins, and ionic minerals--not because we make a lot of money doing so--but because you'll live much longer, with a much higher quality of life, and be healthier than if you don't. I call it the Collembola/Lyme Pack but it's really the Overall Health Pack. Because MaxOne is a multilevel company, we sell it to you for what we basically pay for it which is $60 per bottle. I've looked at dozens of glutathione products and none--absolutely none--do what MaxOne does and that is produce glutathione inside your cells where you need it most.

Regarding our Nano Glutathione we're not sure if it passes from the blood stream into the cells themselves. Data shows and increase in glutathione levels in plasma, but that could be because with a high level of glutathione in the blood stream, the liver stops transferring it to the blood stream allowing for a natural build up in the cellular structure. The other issue is that I'm not sure how compatible some of its ingredients are with Stage I of the King Diet and don't recommend using it internally until you reach late Stage II of the diet. Now, there are lipsomal glutathione products, however, the ingredients are far from being compatible with the diet and the pricing is about the same as MaxOne. Liposmal products encapsulate glutathione so it is not broken down by the stomach and then they claim it release glutathione into the cells.