GMO's--Connection to Morgellons: Savior or Destroyer? 1/2/19


I have to admit that just a year or so ago, I was pretty ignorant and stupid about GMO's and organic foods. In fact in an older blog post I wrote that GMO and organic foods didn't make a difference in getting rid of skin parasites. And, that was true for me. I ate GMO foods and non organic foods for years and got rid of the skin parasites from my skin and assumed that the GMO thing and organic was all hype or at least had nothing to do with Morgellons.

My attitude has changed dramatically within the last several months as I finally woke up. True, they had nothing to do with the diet working, but as our researcher, Jane, was providing me information from the research she read, my ears perked up. Watching the videos, listed below, that Cheryl, our article writer, has given me a new perspective on how GMO's not only contribute to Morgellons disease, but just about every disease imaginable.

And, researchers have been crying foul for decades. Why hasn't there been thousands of riots? One policeman kills one young adolescent and we have major riots in major cities because that life that was lost was important. Yet, GMO's are slowly killing all of us and we ignore that reality. Why is the subject not addressed on TV shows like 60 minutes? Or Dr. Oz?

Are we saying it's OK for us all to die slowly vs one person being killed by a prejudiced cop? We need to be on every street corner because glyphosate is a chemical of mass destruction. Dr Zack Bush MD calls it the kind of chemical that terrorist would use for mass destruction. And, it's not the only deadly chemical or pesticide that gets into your body or kills honey bees.

every religious organization should be up in arms because Monsanto is messing with and playing God with our food supply and indirectly our bodies. And the irony is that GMO toxicity affects those most in the Mississippi basin--part of the bible belt.

When I was in my teens, we farmed by cultivating our crops to remove weeds from the plants we harvested. Yes, every ten days of so I would get on my tractor and cultivate the corn and potatoes. Years later, long after I left the farm, my best friend who owned a farm told me about chemical farming. I thought it was miraculous. Instead of having to waste time and gasoline to operate tractors to cultivate crops every ten days or so, they just sprayed the crops to kill everything but the plant they wanted to harvest. "How amazing, GMO's are a savior" I thought. And that's how Monsanto promoted them.

I was suspect of spraying chemicals, yet, was too busy finding my nitch in life to be much concerned about the drastic consequences to be revealed decades later. I think many of us have likewise been too busy finding our way through life to question the new farming methods that came with a promise of no more worms in our sweet corn lol.

And, Monsanto positioned themselves with the FDA and the USDA as the panacea to world hunger. So much so, that they gave grants to all the major agricultural colleges to sponsor research. But, if they were so so altruistic in their endeavors, why did they at the same time they provided funding to the agricultural schools, tie a string to the funding--a provision keeping the organization from doing any research into glyphosate?  This is an important point made in the ninth video listed below. One can only surmise that they knew of the dark side of this miracle chemical compound and wanted to keep it restricted.

It's like if you want to divorce your spouse. The first thing you do is to find all the great divorce attorneys within a hour or so of where you live. Then, you make appointments with each of them. Once you meet with them and divulge your situation, none of them can represent your spouse. Result: You have the legal field all tied up.

Be all that it may, there are several things each of us can do to counter the Monsanto era.
1. Research and find sources of organic farm raised foods. Look for the organic section in your grocery store or look for Whole Foods markets and others that support non GMO foods.
2. Boost
glutathione to detox your body of pesticides--one of the prime benefits of glutathione. And, of course, your body has already been depleted of glutathione because of this chemical onslaught--your body simply can not make enough on it's own to keep up with the onslaught
3. Supplement your body with
Glyphosate inhibits plants from absorbing valuable minerals from the soil that your body needs.
4. Supplement your intestines with Restore for gut health. We're looking at adding this product to our on-line store.
5. Supplement your diet with L-glutamine--the natural food source for the mucosa of your intestines.
6. Dr. Bush, one of the experts, suggests important basics to regenerate our natural bacterium of which much can be obtained from breathing. But not the air inside your home. He suggests that sitting under a tree or riding a bike down a path from a higher altitude to a lower altitude will expose one to diversity. He claims that RNA is everywhere in nature filled with microbium and nutrients. For instance, pull weeds after a rain and the disturbed earth will release microbium into the air that you absorb as you breathe. Obviously this applies to healthy soil as opposed to soil infected with mites, Collembola, and Morgellons organisms.

In a previous update,
Morgellons: The Evil Monsanto War Machine Takes Over the Food Market, a link to a video was provided to get started with the first video. Watch, just the first video and you'll be convinced that GMO's are not the savior that we've been led to believe, but are the Destroyer of our health and a real threat to the continuance of the human race.

All of the videos are listed below, so keep this email and use it to access each one and send them to everyone and every politician you know. We need a revolution not only in the corporate greedy control of our food supply, but a Boston Tea Party with respect to the FDA to demand controlled studies on the effect of proposed genetic changes to our food regarding both pesticides and herbicides used in our food supply. President Trump wants to start a new arm of our government to deal with outer space, he needs to start a new arm of government dealing with herbicides and pesticides as the EPA and FDA both claim that GMO's are not under their jurisdiction. 

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