What to Do When Morgellons Fights Back in the Environment 2/25/2020


During the last Morgellons Event of the Week Sunday Conference Call a participant shared that after she used the electrostatic sprayer, the parasites became more active and attacked her. Frankly, this was never an issue for me. My parasites pretty much laid down and died with ammonia. But then after I had become reinfected a few years ago, they weren't so easy to lay down and die, but with repeated use of ammonia, triple pesticide and lime sulfur, I eventually got rid of them. But, never did they get more active or fight back after I disinfected an area. I am so fortunate to have Robin as my co-host as she identified with the problem of the organisms becoming more active after disinfecting and shared,

"When I sprayed an enzyme cleaner with the electrostatic sprayer (this also happened the first couple of months of using the triple pesticide a well), the parasites became very agitated and seemed to attack me.

So I wore swimming goggles, a breathing mask, a head covering that only left my eyes revealed and a baseball cap. I wore nitrile gloves and clothes (including shoes) that I could throw right in the wash afterwards.

Then I added GardenSafe Fungicide3 (an organic pesticide that is 70% Neem Oil) to the enzyme cleaner. I would mix 1/4 C. enzyme cleaner and one capful of Fungicide3 (it is a concentrate with a big purple cap), into a 2 quart pitcher. Use warm water so the neem oil doesn't thicken and clog the sprayer. I would fill the sprayer from the pitcher and use that to spray the house. Keep the leftover mixture in a warm place so it doesn't thicken."

It worked for me!


Thank goodness Robin was there to field that question. It makes perfect sense to me now that I think about it. People often ask about dealing with activity on their skin and my answer is always, "Be aggressive. Apply the soap, lotions, and gels frequently--every 15 minutes in the beginning. Bathe them in the products and you get results." So, why would it be any different in the environment? You can also wear riding boots to protect your lower legs from being attacked by Collembola.

Imagine you've been put in a boxing ring and have to fight for your life. Do you expect that the first punch you throw will win the match for you? No, your opponent will punch back and it's up to you to pummel your adversary--be aggressive.

We also discussed disinfecting foot wear thoroughly by spraying either ammonia or enzymes on the inside, outside, and soles and then dusting the inside with diatomaceous earth and then storing them in a sealed bag (if necessary) with menthol crystals.

Unfortunately, we don't have the

Garden Safe Fungicide3 in our on-line store and you'll have to get it from Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, and so on.

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