Morgellons Disease and Face Lesions 6/3/18


Several weeks ago Laurie wrote about her experience with facial lesions.

Hi Richard! I've been suffering with Morgellons for years now. The lesions i get are terrible. Very slow to heal. And the worst part is that it mainly attacks my face. Last week while i was working my chin started developing a lesion. By the end of my shift my whole chin was a sore. When i got home i did some research and started mixing things up to put on my face. I used clortrimazole foot fungus cream, hydrocortisone cream, liquid fenbendazole, and 25 drops of natures gift debriding soap.  I applied this mixture several times a day. Its only been a week and my face is completely healed! I want to share this with you so maybe you can share it with others who are suffering with Morgellons or even skin fungus. Thank you for your time


I thank Laurie for taking the time to share her experience. I know how fast and ferocious these lesions can be. Below is a record of my own experience. True, it didn't happen on my face, yet, I can see what they would do to one's face.

How did this happen to me? Answer: We have a policy that we do not accept returns from our customers. I made one exception and even though I thought I had disinfected the package thoroughly as I opened it, I guess I didn't.

Within days, I noticed a lesion starting on my hand. I immediately developed the deep wound cleanse kit and started applying the solution and cream on day #1. You can see that the lesion began developing the scab on day #3 and by day #9 it was history. I was aggressive as I applied the Deep Wound Solution every fifteen minutes in the beginning followed by the Exfoliant cream. The kit is 2 oz of Deep Wound solution and 1/4 once of exfoliant cream. Remember, the Exfoliant cream not only contains NG, but also ellagic acid and ionic minerals. The minerals feed your skin and the ellagic acid is a natural phenol antioxidant.

Today, if I had a recurrence, I'd apply a drop or two of the nano glutathione after using the Deep Wound Solution and before applying the exfoliant cream. That was the one and last lesion that developed from that contamination.

Laurie threw everything in the book at her lesions, including Nature's Gift, and demonstrates that there's more than one way to "skin the cat."

For face and lip issues, Sandra, our coach, developed this protocol some time ago. She writes,
"First, I use the Nature's Gift bar soap and lather it on my face. I let it on my face for 20minutes and then rinse it off with water. I then use take some Super MSM gel and Claudia's Dream Cream into the palm of my hand. Then I add in a few drops of peppermint oiland mix the MSM, Claudia's Dream Cream and the peppermint oil together. Then I massage this gel/cream mixture deep into my skin after which I apply a lite dampened cloth on my face for 30min.... It work wonders!!!!!!!!!!"

Again, I recommend being aggressive and doing this several times a day and liberally applying the body wipe or one of our many creams or lotions between this protocol. Sandra also developed the protocol for scalp published 4/12/18. If you haven't been to our new blog, you're really missing out on a lot of great information--my book would easily get to be a thousand pages if I included all the detail in it.

An alternative to this is to:
1 lather with either our peppermint bar soap or regular bar soaps for 20 minutes. Note: Keep away from your eyes as the peppermint will smart them and that the peppermint bar soap does not lather.
2. wet you face and massage in the Exfoliant cream
3. re wet and massage you skin more until all the cream is vanished.
4. wipe with damp cloth to remove the particles of pumice
5. wet your skin again and take a few drops of skin balance softener serum and massage that into your skin until dry
6. wet your skin again and massage in the Revitalization cream.
7. re wet and massage the skin more until the cream has vanished.

And, to be redundant, be aggressive with applying body wipe, our mouth wash/body wipe solution, or one of our many creams between applications.

There are three options. You can try Debra's, Sandra's, or mine, or mix and match them to your liking.