Morgellons Disease and Your Eyes 6/17/18


Almost every week someone writes me with serious issues with Morgellons in their eyes. My personal experience is somewhat limited. I did have Collembola in my eyes and had floaters the size of a Mac Truck, but eventually both left and I did not have to do anything. Aside from that, others have written and told me they used one of the several agents listed in the book which are listed below.

Linda,  who is dealing with Morgellons, had a serious problem and wrote to tell us about it.
  "I got a really bad eye infection. A lump formed on my eye lid and was also very swollen & red.  I saw the Doctor & she said I had a big Stye underneath the lid.  She gave me Tetra caps & salve & told me to do warm compresses 2x a day.  I finished.her protocol but my condition was only slightly  improved.  So I ordered some of your Debriding Soap. I flushed my eyes with an eye cup with the dilution.  I also did warm compresses 2x a day. Your debriding soap is a miraculous product.  I felt instant relief from the eye pain--it was soothing.  The lump inside the lid reduced in size every day -- then it drew out these Morgellons from my eye.  They are big in size - very visible & they were in the lump.  Please share my testimony if you wish. I feel that Debriding Soap saved my vision."

I spoke with Linda and asked for more detail and she wrote the following:

This is how I treated my eyes:
Large bottle sterile saline - Walgreens
Eye cup from pharmacy-med supply
Nature's Gift Concentrate (NG)

Mix 1 cup distilled water with 1 drop NG 100% or two drops of the 50% NGto make NG diluted solution.  Set aside.  Rinse the eye cup with saline.  Refill the cup with saline up to the fill line.  Also add to the cup an equal amount of the NG diluted solution. Swirl to mix. 

The following may take practice.  Put the eye cup on your eye & try to form a suction over the eye so the solution doesn't leak out.  Then, tilt your head back & keep your eyes open & move them around. 

When I have the cup up on the eye, I push up my lid, holding it up at the lash line, which gets out whatever is behind the lid.

I stay with that for about a minute.  Then, dump the spent saline mixture out.  I rinse the eye cup out to prevent reinfection, load it up & repeat the flush. 

Sanitize the cup before storing.  I flush in the morning & before bed.  As we are prone to infections of all kinds, I also sanitize my hands before I treat my eyes. 

I also do one quick eye soak a day.  Add 1 drop NG to 1 cup of moderately warm water.  Soak a wash cloth in it & put over eyes 5 mins.  Do what feels right for you! 

I thank Linda for sharing her experience. I get a lot of people who have serious eye issues at one time or another. She has volunteered to coach others who have eye issues. Her next project is to inject it up her nose for her sinuses. I wish her well. If you have eye issues and want to talk with her, you can reach her at If, your cornea is involved, we have Sandra Dugan at

Following are the other things people have used to help deal with eye issues.

1. Rue Fennel
2. Sulfacetamide 10 % eye drops by Baush and Lomb by prescription (2 drops 4 times daily) although she used them more frequently
3. Diluted NG with a dropper or an eye
glass as described above.
4. A 2 or 3% metronidazole gel from Demodex Solutions 
5. Ovante distributed by NAAMA Inc. at (484) 226-6220. Either the Metronidazole product or Ovante can be applied to the upper and lower eyelashes with a Q-tip. If used regularly, they kill off the mites and will restore loss of eyelashes. Keep eyes closed for one minute after application.
6. Colloidal silver drops

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