Morgellons Disease and Your Environment 8/5/19


As I often share in our Sunday "Let's Heal Together" Call, getting your life back is like driving a car with four clutches. Each can be a challenge, yet, if you master each one, the only result is that you'll have your life back from Morgellons and other skin parasites.

First is the King Diet™ and the challenge here is to get it to "kick in." For some, it kicks right in, for others, it's a challenge which can even sometimes be complicated by certain medications that feed Morgellons one is on. And, then there are certain meds that can help kick in the diet or even certain supplements, or unknowingly eating something or taking a supplement with ingredients that are not compatible with the diet.

Second is cleaning the debris out of the skin. Bathing with Nature's Gift Debriding Soap and the right amount of disinfectant/s up to three times a day, using protocols for the scalp, getting them out of your eyes, nose, ears, and so on.

Third is clearing your environment and laundry--determine if your home is sick and it would be best to relocate or if the organisms were brought into your home and figuring out where they are and getting rid of them with disinfectants, pesticides, essential oils, ozone, electrostatic sprayer and so on.

Fourth is to get the supplements, if affordable, right. Often times it's important to go up from the recommended dosage to get desired results and deal with detox. For instance, you would start with one cap a day of Max One Glutathione accelerator and may need to go to as many as 8 a day for several days to achieve desired results. During this process, you may experience detox reactions and need to recognize them as such and deal with them instead of abandoning the supplement. Same is true with our Garcillin

One of my past posts, Difference Between Fogging and Electrostatic Sprayer, was about clearing the challenge of clearing the environment. In response to it, Rita wrote and asked for clarification.

"Richard, I read your answer to a lady's question about having company visit with risk of contracting morgellons. You stated that you didn't allow guest to have access to a patio because Morgellons were on the stone flooring, my question is how can you tell where they are located such as floor/furniture/clothing etc... and how to rid the area of them? I was under the impression you couldn't kill Morgellons,"
Hi Rita,
Thanks for writing. I will publish your question sometime in the week or so. In the meantime go to for a one time $5 discount on any order of $25 or more.
I wasn't dealing with Morgellons, but Collembola instead.
Sometimes its a challenge to figure out where they are in the environment. And it's not always the same. For instance, when Spring arrived and it got warm outside, I'd sit on the swing on the patio for twenty minutes and feel nothing. Later when I came in the house, I'd feel activity around my ankles. I knew that my couch was clear for months so I had to stop and remember where I was before I noticed activity. And, after it happening several times I was able to determine it was the patio stone under the swing.
And it made sense since there was a racoon raiding my fish pond which I figured was infected and enjoyed eating his catch under the swing. Later I solved that problem by installing an electric fence around the fish pond to keep Mr Raccoon away, but the Collembola was still in the patio stone under the swing.
I tried ammonia, the triple pesticide, Bifin granules and nothing worked. In fact, I always wore riding boots when I sat in the swing for over a year,  And then, I made up a gallon of lime sulfur solution and instead of spraying, I poured it over the area and it worked for about three days. I  had to pour the solution every three or so days for about ten days before they were gone.
Then another time, I remember noticing activity around my ankles when I was in bed. I remembered everything was OK after I took my bath, but activity occurred after I used the toilet. For several days I disinfected the floor and the sides of the toilet with ammonia.
Same was true of the area under the bathroom sink cabinets where there's a recess for your feet.
With Morgellons, the triple pesticide and Bifin granules won't do anything. Basically ammonia or essential oils like peppermint, red cedar, clove, and so on. They can be mixed with ammonia to make them more potent. We have many essential oils in our on-line store.
I thank Rita for writing and asking for clarification. Unfortunately, there are no pat answers for the environment and if you're having visitors it's important to get the organisms out of wherever your visitors might go or sit. It's impossible to predict who will and will not contract the skin parasites. And even though I steered visitors away from sitting on the swing, my wife (who is not susceptible to the  organisms) would have her friends from time to time sit there and I just cringed and hoped everything would be OK for them and tried to urge her one way or another to move on to something else. Thank goodness, too my knowledge, none of her friends contracted the parasites.