Skin Deep Documentary About Morgellons Syndrome & Antibiotic Treatment 9/11/19


The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation Announces World Premier of the Movie " Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons."
There's a link in the release to the trailer of the documentary. Looks like a winner focusing on the argument for Morgellons being a real disease and those who declare it as delusional and the suffering patient caught in the middle of this argument. They state that those with delusions of parasites are Morgellons Sufferers.

In one of my previous blog posts,
27 Out of 100,000 Suffer From Delusions of Parasites tells the story. I doubt that the producers of the documentary have that statistic in the movie. Why is it significant? Answer: Only 8.1 out of 100,000 have Lyme disease. Get the picture? If everyone who is diagnosed as delusional (DI) that could mean over three times more suffer from Morgellons than suffer from Lyme. Thus, Morgellons would be a silent epidemic towering over Lyme disease. And the CDC and medical profession are totally in the dark about it.

The trailer also indicates that Collembola is blamed as a cause of Morgellons along with things like chem trails and so on. This is one fact that the Morgellons Foundation is still in the dark about. Even Dr. Savely in her book, Morgellons--the Legitimization of a Disease only has one mention of Collembola and zero mention of mites. It's true that from the questionnaire I send out that perhaps 80% or more of those who have Morgellons also have Collembola infestation. But, Morgellons does not automatically mean Collembola and visa versa, Collembola does not always mean Morgellons. Case in point: I had Collembola and Strongyloides, but not Morgellons. And i doubt that the movie gets into mites as being a carrier or vector. The purpose is to legitimize Morgellons--nothing  else which makes sense.

I don't know if the actual documentary gets into the treatment of Morgellons. If it does, it will probably publicize Dr. Savely's approach which is targeted to Lyme disease. I'm told her protocol is
Chlorophyll Complex, CoreBiotic, Alamax, Doxycycline (twice daily) Rifampin (twice daily) Azithlromycin (twice daily).

Strange because other research reported on by the Morgellons Foundation finds that antibiotics do not get rid of Lyme disease. My blog post, Antibiotics for Lyme Disease and Morgellons Diseasereports on Canadian studies that echo similar findings. Yet, Rifampin has been instrumental in getting rid of facial lesions. Watch for an update on dealing with lesions in the next couple days.

Alamax is an anti inflammatory consisting of alpha lipoic acid. In my protocol, I focus on boosting glutathione. By boosting glutathione, supplementation with alpha lipoic acid is usually unnecessary. Dr. Savely uses chlorophyll complex. According to WebMd,
Chlorophyll is used for bad breath and reducing colostomy odor. Chlorophyll is also used for constipation, "detoxification," and wound healing."

My protocol has several options to this:
For detoxification--Food grade Diatomaceous earth and consuming our NG mouth wash
For wound healing--Deep Wound Cleanse Kit
Yet, if one prefers chlorophyll it would be a viable option

Corebiotics is
3 fully sequenced and registered soil based strains with an organic prebiotic. This supplement is an unknown in that probiotics in general feed Collembola and about 85% of those with Morgellons also are dealing with Collembola. Why would probiotics work for Dr. Savely's protocol with the reality that many of her patients are also dealing with Collembola? Answer: From my own experience when I was on a rotation of antibiotics that were used ten years ago (Zithromax, Biaxin, and  Bactrim) the antibiotics completely eliminated my need for the diet and avoiding probiotics. However, when I came off of the antibiotics, all hell broke loose.

Being that my protocol is absent of antibiotics, I recommend Restore and L-glutamine to restore intestinal health and only probiotics when one reaches Stage II of the King Diet™.