The Parasite Knock Out Punches for Morgellons: King Diet, Disinfection, & Creativity 11/1/2020


A couple days ago I asked Robin, my Sunday co-host if she had a topic in mind for this week's conference call and she suggested we talk about the diet and disinfecting. I reminded h

Two weeks ago, The King DietSM Cure For Morgellons blog post emphasized the importance of the King DietSM in getting your life back. It is the crux of my program. From my experience, once you have been infested for several weeks or months, the organisms become systemic. And, no matter how much you clean and disinfect your environment, and no matter how much you bathe, without the diet, the best you can hope for is that your symptoms won't get worse.
Chapter IV of my book, "How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, and Other Skin Parasites," is devoted to the diet with Chapter V containing dozens of recipes. And, over the years, several blog posts have been dedicated to the importance of the
King DietSM.
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Since we have new people joining our program every week, I should write about the diet every week for them and to remind many others who may not be getting the results they want that without the diet, they are a walking talking breeding parasite machine.

While the King DietSM is the crux of the program - like the trunk of the tree, it goes and in hand with disinfecting your environment. And, until a handle is gotten on the environment, the diet won't work because you will keep contaminating yourself. In fact, you may not be able to determine if the diet is working or not. Chapter III of my book is over 55 pages dedicated to disinfecting the environment, and cleaning the organisms out of your skin.

Over the years, several blog post have been dedicated to disinfecting your environment.
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What about creativity? In our Sunday Conference call we always discuss how emotional stress results in activation of the fight/flight sympathetic nervous system. How it releases cortisol and that cortisol causes blood sugar to rise which indirectly results in feeding the parasites. I also point out that in the midst of the stress response, your body is preparing itself to fight or run from a foe and not in the contemplative thinking mode. In other words, your IQ and your ability to come up with creative solutions is dramatically affected. Thus, you're more likely to grab on to thoughts such as, "Nothing works," "I can't stand this," "This program isn't working," "There's no hope for me," "Maybe I should end my life," And the spiral of those thoughts become endless with you sinking deeper and deeper.

Chapter X of my book is really what you want to read over and over. Problem is that there's so much information in the book, I don't think a lot of people get to Chapter X or pay attention to it. The reality is that one very important tool to use in addition to the King DietSM, disinfecting your surroundings, deep cleaning your skin with bathing, targeted supplements, is your mind.
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Yes, you're thinking can save or sink you. You can be your bestest of friends or your worstest of enemies. It's really up to you.

The first step is to take a moment to silence those "I'm doomed." thoughts. To stop and interfere them with a stress management technique - deep breathing per the attachment, or tapping per the attachment, or self hypnosis, meditation, or whatever. This begins to put your fight or flight to sleep by flooding your body with the release of catecholamines
- the parasympathetic regenerative system. Often people have told me that just 3 or 4 minutes of self hypnosis feels like an hour or so of sleep - stress management is that powerful. And guess what, your IQ returns to normal and creativity accompanies it so you can reflect and figure out if something you ate was the problem, something you wore that wasn't disinfected, or perhaps pinpoint where in your environment was the problem, or open my book to the right page to find the answer.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can use self hypnosis for many other applications, go to and scroll down to sign up for a seven part report on how you can use hypnosis to help yourself and also receive a free stress management course on-line (one email per month). And if you can take twenty minutes right now, sit straight in a chair with both feet on the floor, hands on your lap or aside you, put down your phone and turn off the TV or radio for twenty minutes and go to The World of Inner Tranquility.

I don't want this statement to sound like I'm scolding you, but with thousands of people having succeeded, I know the program works if you WORK the program. And if it's not working for you, the answer lies in those 240 some pages of my book. And, yes, sometimes tweaking is an important thing to do. People reporting their tweaking to me has contributed to at least one hundred pages of the book that I pass along to you.