The King DietSM Cure for Morgellons  10/18/2020


The King DietSM has been declared by some as the cure to Morgellons - it can be that powerful. But, we all know that there is no cure for Morgellons. Yet, without the King DietSM I would not have a program, much less my life back. It is the basis of my book, "How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, and Other Skin Parasites."

Each of you are very lucky. Lucky that the diet kicked in for me within hours - not days or weeks as it sometimes takes for others. If that had been the case for me, I probably would have never plowed though to discover the relationship between foods and parasitic activity and I'd have probably either died from the parasites or committed suicide and not be here for you.

Many try the diet for a few days - like I might have done - and get no results either because they made mistakes or it just hasn't kicked in so they give up. It's like a vignette in Napolean Hill's Think and Grow Rich book. A miner found gold and after significant investment in equipment was only able to recoup his investment before his mine ran out of gold. Distraught, he practically gave away his mine to get some of his money back. The fellow who bought the mine knew a little more about mining and found one of the biggest strikes of gold in American history just 3' feet away from where the first miner was digging.

If you're new to the program, you might have a lot of questions and suspicions. After all, most of the programs and protocols out there are created by someone in an ivory tower who never suffered but thinks they know what should work theoretically. So they create a gluten free diet or a variation of the Paleo Diet... They put their diets together with theory as opposed to experience. Then there are those who are still suffering who may be a little better but not over the parasites - kinda like the almost blind leading the blind.

Make no mistake, I have beaten Chronic Lyme disease, mites, skin fungus, Strongyloides Stercoralis,
Collembola, hot tub rash, and even Morgellons. I write this not to impress you, but inform you that I know what 24/7 suffering feels like. I remember what its like to take a near scalding bath just to get some temporary relief for a couple hours. I've been in the trench of physical pain and suffering, emotionally depressed, confused, uncertain, anger and so on. The only thing that could have made my situation worse was to have an unsupported family or to have lost my job and be destitute as some are.

Unfortunately, I don't have a clear cut answer for those with unsupported family or have lost their careers or jobs, but fortunately, I do have discovered the diet that can support anyone in getting their life back from these hideous parasites as hundreds have done with my recommendations. Yet, I know skepticism is normal especially since many other protocols only seem to make the fellow selling them rich at your expense. When you look at my recommendations you'll notice that most are available on our on-line store. However, you don't have to purchase anything from our store. It's just that you will find it very difficult to find other supplements that will accomplish similar results and be compatible with the King DietSM. You will also notice that it will most likely be impossible to find gels, creams, or soaps that are even close to providing the results of cleaning the organisms out of your skin that ours do without them having carcinogenic ingredients. 

Fast track getting the answers to your suspicions by joining our Sunday Support Group. While over the years, hundreds and hundreds have gotten their lives back from Morgellons and other skin parasites, it's rare that we've been able to record their testimony and even rarer that one of them is as detailed, inspirational, and well organized as my co-host Robin. Whereas most experience the beneficial effects of the diet within a day or two, it took three weeks before Robin noticed the benefit of the diet. You learn from her experience and perseverance.

I always say, "Don't Try the Diet - Do the Diet." And Robin didn't question that. She was like the second miner, she found the gold whereas the first miner gave up and missed out on a fortune. She went from wanting to burn down her home with itching and biting to getting her life back within 6 months. She swears it was from being on the diet, reading my book many times and referring to it constantly to know exactly what to do. She also had one of the most resilient strains of parasites. In fact, I learned a lot from her experience.

Robin is also one of our coaches. You can tune into our Sunday conference calls and speak with her directly. And you'll hear others share how they too succeeded or are well on the way to getting their lives back. And, what's more amazing, everyone swears they are now healthier than they were before they were infected with skin parasites. I wonder why? lol Tune in to find out why for yourself.

At or a few minutes before 4 pm this Sunday, call 516 259 9769. If you're on the call before 4 pm you will be entered in a drawing held promptly at 4 pm for either an autographed copy of the latest revision of my book or $20 credit in our on-line store.

There are three things that are important to do to get your life back. First, if the diet doesn't kick in, it's for one of several reasons (not because it doesn't work):
1. You might have just had food containing lots of oil such as tuna in oil, salad with olive oil, marinated steak, and so on in which case it could take a week or so for the diet to produce results.
2. You're eating something with ingredients on the "Do not eat" list. For instance, soy is found in 40 different additives any one of which will counter the diet. Even Crystal Table salt has sugar in it.
3. You're not strict with the diet and thinking you can "Kinda" be on it.
4. You're not getting your environment under control and are being constantly reinfected.
5. You're taking one of the meds for ADHD or narcolepsy as listed in update 6/26/19, Medications that Feed Morgellons. Other meds that may also be a problem are Cortisone, Gabapentin, and Neurotin.
6. You lacked perseverance to stay with it.

And sometimes, it may be important to "jump start" the diet:
1. Obtain a script for one of the medications listed in Chapter VI of my book. From what we know, the work because they decrease dopamine uptake in the brain. Read blog post, "Why Medications Block Parasitic Activity of Morgellons."

2. Boost your glutathione levels with our MaxOne product--unfortunately, all other glutathione boosters that I researched contain ingredients not on the diet.

The second thing to do is to disinfect your environment. Now, if you've been following the Morgellons foundation information, they, as well as Dr. Savely, a medical expert on Morgellons, swear that disinfection is bogus and just a way of having you waste your money. Watch our youtube videos, ask Robin, my co-host, and decide for yourself. Chapter III of my book is detailed with over 50 pages of direction.

The third thing to do is to clean debris out of your skin so it can function more normally and this is where or Nature's Gift™ Debriding Soap plays a big part. If you've already ordered it, you probably noticed that just by doing the above two things you had already reduced skin issues by the time you received the debriding soap. The debriding soap will now accelerate your progress.

If you did not order, no fret. Start with the diet and disinfection in Chapters IV and III, respectively, of my book. Click here or go to to download the latest version of my book now and; you'll notice that you'll feel better within a few days.  And, while you're there, subscribe to my updates. All funds go to provide products to the needy who have lost everything - home, job, and savings - because their doctors didn't know how to treat them. But, the updates are far more valuable to you as they provide you with uplifting information about how to get your life back from skin parasites.

Then do some research and take a look at the other testimonials at  Note, there were so many that we stopped adding them a long time ago.

Others ask me about other products like Kleen Green and CedarCide. Both are disinfectants. Kleen Green breaks the organisms down with enzymes. It breaks up what is on the skin. Peppermint oil, Epson Salts, Apple cider vinegar, peroxide, lavender oil, and so on are toxic to them and will kill what is on the skin. Any of them are far less expensive than Kleen Green or CedarCide. There is no equal to our debriding soap which deep cleans your skin of debris. Yet, if you like using enzymes (do not use them in the bath with NG (nature's gift) as NG will destroy the enzymes - it's that powerful and they cancel each other out, we do have more powerful Clean-Em-Up-Zymes in our on-line store, and they are less expensive than Kleen Green.

And if you think fogging your environment might work  - stop - don't even go there. Fogging rarely works and if you want to know why read our blog post, The Difference Between Spraying and Electrostatic Spraying. I'm not saying that you must use the electrostatic sprayer, I'm only saying that fogging is a waste of time and resources - not better than simply disinfecting your environment by spraying ammonia as instructed in my book.

Go to for your first order at a 20% discount. With your first order, you also receive an empty pen size 10 ml spray bottle. You fill it with water and add in about 8 drops of concentrate and take it with you throughout the day to apply to any skin discomfort.

If you're good at following the diet, disinfecting and bathing, you will experience improvement within a week.