Beat Morgellons Disease with the King Diet 8/18/19


The crux of my program to get your life back from Morgellons and other skin parsites is the King Diet™. This statement is from a fellow that hates diets, me. I tried prescription meds, every over the counter product imaginable, naturopathic remedies, and nothing was helping. So when a friend suggested that diet might work, I thought, "Why not? It's worth a try." It seemed the only thing I hadn't done. But, could it be that simple? Well", my friend had no idea what the diet would be. So, I had to start from scratch and do an "elimination" diet. Fortunately, I chose a food to start with that the skin parasites were not happy about--eggs without any oil. And sure enough, there was no reaction. I was elated at this finding. I went on with a pencil and journal in hand to add different foods and noted which ones were an issue and which one's weren't. But it wasn't all that simple.  After a few days of being reaction free, I could add a food and get no reaction for up to three days.

Son of a gun, there was a delayed reaction that made my journal or diary that much more important because I now had to look back in the journal up to three days to see what new food I had added. This is why I encourage everyone to keep a diary as they start the diet. Yet, after a year or so of trials, the diet was finally discovered--at least the foods and ingredients with which I'm familiar. So, please don't ask me about ethnic foods. You'll  have to do what I did and test them one by one and keep a diary. 

My problem was Collembola. But back in the mid 90's, before the word "Morgellons," was coined by Mary Leitao, I didn't even know what Collembola was, but many of those I met on the internet were suffering from similar itching skin symptoms. In fact, not until 2006, when I published my first book, Soothing the Itch Within and the Diet to Control It, did I realize that there were two distinctive issues--Morgellons Disease and Collembola--and that many of us had both issues, and many had only one or the other. And since then, I've learned of the complications due to mites and skin fungus and have addressed both in latter book revisions of How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, and Other Skin Parasites.

Years later, in communicating with Sandra, our coach, who was only dealing with Morgellons, we were able to distinguish that those with Morgellons could never ever have sugar where as those with only Collembola could introduce sugar in Stage II. We also discovered some other foods that Morgellons people could have, but those with Collembola could not. So, thanks to her input and that of others the diet became very very specific and has been a saving grace for those with the motivation to adhere to it stringently.
Was the diet worth doing? For me, the answer is, "yes," it was the best try ever. Without it, I might well have died or lived a totally miserable life. That was a quarter century ago and to date, I haven't heard of any other approach as effective or as quick.

In fact, it's so good that many have claimed that they were cured with the diet--it can be that great. But the reality is that there no cure and when they go off the diet, within days, symptoms recur. The King Diet™ is an anti inflammatory, low glycemic, low phosphate, specific diet to support immune functioning and health. If you have any doubt about the value of the diet with respect to skin parasites, do what I did: eat only eggs with real butter for three days and you're symptoms will subside. Or fast for three days drinking only water, and symptoms will subside, or only have bone broth (from real bones with no additives) with celery, bell peppers, and onion for three days. Chapter IV is where I would start reading the book.

The key is to "DO" the King Diet™. Don't "TRY" it. If the diet doesn't kick in within 48 hrs, it's for one of several reasons (not because it doesn't work):
1. You might have just had food containing lots of oil such as tuna in oil, marinated salad with oil, a marinated steak, and so on in which case it could take a week for the diet to produce results.
2. You're eating something with ingredients not on the "eat" list. For instance, soy is found in 40 different additives any one of which will counter the diet. Chapter IV has a list of all of them.
3. You're not strict with the diet and thinking you can "Kinda" be on it. Just one little tic tac breadth mint and you're off the diet--it's that strict.
4. You're not getting your environment under control and are being constantly reinfected.
5. You're taking one of the meds for ADHD or narcolepsy as listed in update 6/26/19,
Medications that Feed Morgellons. Other meds that may also be a problem are Cortisone,
Gabapentin, and Neurotin.

And sometimes, you may have to "jump start" the diet:
1. Obtain a script for one of the medications listed in Chapter VI of my book or in a recent update, Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous when it comes to Morgellons.
2. Boost your glutathione levels with our MaxOne product--unfortunately, all other glutathione boosters that I researched contain ingredients not on the diet.

Now, if you talk to the people at the Morgellons Foundation about diet, I don't know what they will say--probably that eating healthy is a good idea but there's no proof that the King Diet is necessary. Whoopee do dah--there's no recognized scientific proof that Morgellons really exists. So, it seems like we live on two planets here--it works for countless people that have come to know me, and doesn't work for them. Why? Answer: Maybe because even with the diet there are other factors that they ignore. For instance, they believe disinfecting is a waste of time--well it's not. And it's imperative so the second obvious thing to do is to disinfect to keep from being reinfected using a common house hold disinfectant like ammonia. And that's in Chapter III.

The third which they might agree on is to clean debris out of your skin so it can function more normally and this is where or Nature's Gift™ Debriding Soap comes into play. If you've already ordered it, you probably noticed that just by doing the above two things you had already reduced skin issues by the time you received the debriding soap. The debriding soap will now accelerate your progress.

In our Sunday phone in meetings--see below, I often use the analogy that getting your life back is kinda like driving a  car with four clutches--to engage all of them smoothly and at the same time.
Clutch #1--Diet
Clutch #2--Disinfecting
Clutch #3--Bathing and debriding skin
Clutch #4--Supplements to build health.

Now, I'm not saying that sufferers with Morgellons do not get well without my diet or protocol of disinfecting, bathing, and supplements, I just don't know how they do it. Of course there are things like taking essential oils (Morgellons Cocktail) and (SSKI (super saturated potassium iodide) both in our on-line store and from what I've been told, the diet is also instrumental.