Step One-The King Diet to Fight Morgellons Syndrome 5/13/19


Beating Morgellons Disease and Other Skin Parasites is like driving a car with three clutches. It's important to do three to four things simultaneously:
1. Start the King Diet. The diet is like the trunk of the tree--all the limbs can flourish if the trunk is healthy.
2. One of the biggest limbs on the tree is disinfecting your environment to minimize reinfection.
3. Another huge limb is to deep clean your skin.
4. Do as much as you can with supplements to build immunity and health.

Every updateis about improving on or the importance of one or more of those four items, but the first is the diet for without it, the organisms continue to thrive systemically and in your skin which is why I"m surprised that Deanna was making progress as she shared in her following note.

Hi Richard,
I have a couple questions for you.  First, I know you don't have Morgellons, but what do you know about it?  I mean, I have Morgellons and it is the worst thing in the world.  How does something like this happen?  I have been through more physical and mental pain this past year since I contracted it in June 2018 than I have my whole life.  I contracted it from Black Carpet Beatles and their larvae under a couch that I slept on for about 6 months.
I buy your products. I love your debriding soap it has helped so much.  I recently bought the electrostatic sprayer after several months thinking about it.  I am glad I did.  It is amazing.  Thank you for all your hard work. 
I read your book several times but honestly, I have yet to start the King Diet.  I am now.  I can't take this anymore and will do anything at this point.  My next question is, I am not a seafood person so this diet is very limited for me so I was wondering if you have any updates to your book with new recipes or new foods?  I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow to buy food and need as much help as I can get.  I'm still confused as to what ingredients I cannot eat and ones I can eat.  I do not what to eat anything I shouldn't.  I need to get rid of this disease for my sanity. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much.

Hi Deanna,
Thanks for writing. Tune into today's call at 4 pm.
You are backwards. Diet first. I'm amazed you have a smidgen of progress without the diet. Some have claimed it a cure.
I attached the diet in pdf form that you can put on your phone and refer to it while you're grocery shopping.
Don't know whether you're allergic to fish, or you're a vegan, but you did not mention chicken, duck, pork, lamb, or beef--they are all on the diet.
I thank Deanna for taking the time to write. When I wrote the book, I did not have any experience with Morgellons. However, since that time, I did get infected with Morgellons--long story (Is Morgellons Contagious)--and saw first hand how aggressive the lesions can be. Fortunately, my experience with Morgellons was limited to about ten days as I used the Deep Wound Cleanse kit to eradicate it before it went internal.

Carpet beetles are only one of maybe a hundred different vectors that can transmit Morgellons, Collembola, and Strongyloides. In fact, a live vector isn't needed. You can sit in a chair previously occupied by an infected individual and though accidental contact with a filament or fiber left behind from an infected person, you can become infected. You can become infected through inconsequential contact with feces of rats, birds, or other infected animals.

I'm glad to hear that she's benefited from our products and the electrostatic sprayer. Yesterday's update, Electrostatic Sprayer Wipes Out Morgellons, had three testimonials about it.

For many, as Deanna noted, "Morgellons is the worst thing that can happen to you in the world."  And the sad thing is that the medical profession is blind and deaf to it's existence. In our Sunday support call meeting yesterday, Marie of San Antonio Texas suggested writing our Congress representatives Click here to listen to it. Something she read suggested that the representative needs to receive 7 letters about the same issue before it's recognized. If anyone has experience in writing a letter of this nature, please let me know and contribute. What I don't understand is that they have probably received hundreds of letters regarding glyphosate (Round Up) herbicide which from what I've learned from the video series GMO's Revealed, may have been a major contribution to the prevalence of Morgellons.

Fortunately, the King Diet and many of my recommendations and products from our on-line store have benefited many in getting back their lives.

I am surprised that Deanna had experienced improvement without using the Diet. Hopefully, she will experience dramatic improvement once the Diet kicks in for her.