The Morgellons Treatment King Diet 4/22/18


Not until I discovered the King Diet™ did I notice real improvement in my fight against skin parasites. I started eating only eggs and then added butter and was amazed that my itching symptoms had greatly diminished. It took about two years of experimenting to figure out what I could eat and what I could not eat. Even though staying on the diet is like walking on a fence (easy to fall off), it was a far better alternative to the relentless itching.

Since that time, hundreds--perhaps thousands--have used the King Diet™ to make life livable once again. Some have even thought that they were cured after having been on the diet for a few weeks. But guess what? Answer: When they went off the diet, all "hell of itching" came back with a vengeance. Thus the diet is not a Morgellons Cure. But, it's what I describe as the trunk of the tree and the tree has many many limbs--most are discussed in my book. Being on the diet allows you to discover which of the limbs of the the tree work best for you.

Joyce is off to a great start and writes,

"Hi Richard.
I want to thank you so much! The King diet is amazing. So far my crawling has reduced to 60% and its only been over a week I am also cleaning my environment using bleach and vinegar. 

Thank you again."


I thank Joyce for taking the time to share her progress. For many the diet produces amazing results as it did for her and myself when I first experimented with it. Click here for many testimonials. Others may not notice any significant improvement right away.

I remember ten years ago when I was reinfected, the diet didn't seem to work for me. Thinking that all I had to do was disinfect and start the diet, I was very disappointed when there was no change in my symptoms.

Initially, I thought I had encountered some new variety of Collembola--maybe I did--that didn't respond to the diet and that I was doomed. The diet did not make much of a difference at all. I imagine this has happened to others as well, and instead of them continuing with the diet, they abandon it. Fortunately, I did not abandon it. It was around the same time I started boosting my glutathione with the Max product. I remember that I was sitting at my office just before we had our office lunch. I was frustrated, disappointed, and perplexed with the itching and for no good reason, opened the bottle of Max I had on my desk and took one capsule. Within ten minutes all my symptoms of itching were gone and I changed my opinion about glutathione only helping with Morgellons and Lyme. Glutathione became an important limb on the tree for both  Morgellons and Collembola.

But, I didn't stop there. I remembered how orap had helped me and I made a trip to my doctor and had my script for orap renewed. Putting it all together, the King Diet, boosting glutathione, and with the use of orap, I once again was on my way to getting my life back in a few weeks instead of years as it took me the first time. This time it seemed that in addition to the trunk, two limbs, glutathione and medication, were important. 

Since then, I have recommended boosting glutathione for everyone dealing with Morgellons, Lyme, and Collembola. Pub med lists 137,000 entries about the benefits of glutathione and one's health.

And, others have shared other medications that have helped them as
orap did for me. They are listed in my book and a recent blog post titled, Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous When It Comes to Morgellons Treatment and three of them are over-the-counter.