Diagnosing Morgellons Disease and Treating Your Dog 4/7/19


Everyone who comes down with relentless itching, non healing lesions, organisms emanating from their skin, black goo, weird filaments growing from their skin, and so on, is totally mentally destroyed when their doctor tells them that they suffer from delusions. Or, if they do some research and find Morgellons disease as a possible explanation, they are again mentally destroyed when they find out that there's no diagnosis recognized by the medical profession and that they are on their own--it just doesn't seem possible in this scientific era of smart phones that are more powerful than computers of just a decade ago, new sophisticated cancer treatments, flat screen TV's, satellites taking pictures of Jupiter, and so on. Yet, it's true, that there is no medically recognized diagnosis for Morgellons much less an ICD-10 code for diagnostic purposes and insurance purposes.

Little wonder why I receive questions like Felicia wrote--there's no place else to turn.

Hello Richard,

In the Morgellons questionnaire it asked if I had cotton like material on my bed sheets. I have 2 cats and a dog that sleep with me and that the shedding on my bed sheet was excessive. What does this have to do with Morgellons and if it is not pet hair, what is it and where is it coming from?
Thank you!
"Hi Felicia,
Thanks for writing.
There is no diagnosis for Morgellons, so we have to go with symptoms and tell tale signs. A well known symptom of Morgellons is the creation of filaments growing from the skin that are primarily made of keratin and collagen. For many, these fibers are easily seen growing from lesions or from places that they usually don't have hair follicles growing. And, they are also fluorescent. They can be red, white, or black. Some describe the filaments as moving. For these people, it's easy to say that they have Morgellons as reported in Dr. Savely's book.
However, for others, the filaments are very fine and can only be seen when using a 30X scope. That's when we look for tell tale signs as these fine filaments do shed from the skin and collect in a cotton or lint-like substance that might look like belly button fuz.
Some animals shed and you find pet hair all about. but I don't believe that pet hair accumulates as a fuz and if it does, it may well mean the pet is infected with Morgellons too. The best way to make certain is to obtain a fluorescent light to see if the filaments fluoresce. 
I hope this answers your question".
She wrote back to say, "We rescued a dog 2 years ago from a filthy environment and he had the skin disease called sebaceous nevus and had to have surgery to remove it. I'm thinking he may have it as he does she'd like a cotton lint from his coat. I always thought it was odd. And he sometimes sleeps in my bed. My bed is full of the cotton like lint. I may also have it since getting Lyme and mold my skin texture is completely different as well as texture on skin. Not soft at all anymore. Dry and bumpy."
"Treating a dog for Morgellons:
First, I'd stop letting the dog into the bed. Next, feed the dog the same food as you eat on the King Diet. Then dust the dog's area with diatomaceous earth. You can bathe the dog with Nature's Gift and a disinfectant like you do for yourself. The dog can also be dipped in lime sulfur solution. Additionally, you probably want the dog on lufenuron which is sold as a pet med--Program. Also consult page 101 of my book, How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons....

I thank Felicia for writing and asking the question. Although many have successfully treated their pet/s,  I can say that infected pets can complicate one's progress ten fold. I don't have all the answers when it comes to dealing with pet. The above is a start.
Eve shared, " Ted's Borax Remedy for dogs and cats indicates one quarter teaspoon for male, and one eighth teaspoon for female pets (no matter what size the animal is).  
Borax dosage for 1 week. Then 1/2 dosage in week 2. Stop for 1 week. Resume.
Borax dosage for 4 days, then no borax/water for 3 to 4 days. Continue on/off schedule until ailment clears.

Some reduce the dosage depending on weight of dog to prevent side effects but just know that beneficial effects will also take more time to see results when you reduce the dose.

This is most common dosages, just use common sense. Yes borax can be use for many unexplained conditions of dogs and human for simple reason that most unexplained conditions that cannot be cured with bacteria in majority of cases is fungus or parasites which borax does well but also is essential nutrient for the bones and hormones in mammals."

If you can't find pharmaceutical grade borax, 20 Mule Team Borax is said to be acceptable--just not as pure.

And, of course, disinfecting the surroundings with ammonia, lime sulfur, ozone, or the electrostatic sprayer is also important. I'm the last person against rescuing animals , yet, many do get infected with skin parasites by doing so. If you know anyone who wants to rescue an animal, you may want to warn them of the possibility and to keep the animal quarantined for a week or so and look for intense scratching or biting at the skin.