Diminishing Detox Reactions from Morgellons Using Enzymes, Amino Acids, and ZeoliteĀ  3/1/2020

Detox Reactions are no fun, but yet often necessary to make progress. Lyme disease was about to put me into a wheel chair 13 years ago. By adding MaxOne, my symptoms decreased 95%. Five years ago, I took my first capsule of Garcillin and immediately detoxed for the first time with extremely painful inflammation in my knee. It took two weeks for the inflammation and pain to go away. At which time I cautiously started taking Garcillin again. Detox reactions can be dangerous and threaten one's life in extreme situations. I only wish I had known about the information in this update to hopefully have avoided much of that pain.

Detox reactions are caused by a release of toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals, drugs, useless chemicals, and organisms such as internal parasites and other organisms. When they are released or killed, their become waste and overtax the body's ability to excrete them. Ultimately, the liver pays the price.

Many have asked me what detox reactions are. According to Science Direct, Detoxification, "symptoms that may be attributed to a detoxification problem with the body often include the following:1,6,7

•Fatigue with sleep disruption and brain-fog
•Mood disturbance, especially depression, anxiety, fear, and anger
•Muscle aches and joint pain
Sinus congestion, dark circles under the eyes, and postnasal drip
•Headaches with neck and shoulder pain
•Bloating and flatulence
•Irritable bowel, foul-smelling stools, and dark urine
•Weight changes and loss of muscle tone
•Heartburn, recurrent colds, and persistent infections
•Infertility and low libido
•Premature aging and weakness
•Fluid retention and excess weight
•Rashes and canker sores
•Bad breath and adverse body odor"

It seems that the writer of the article missed inflammation. Notice, rashes, brain-fog, anxiety, fear, and anger are typically experienced with almost everyone dealing with Morgellons which means it can be a challenge to figure out if you're having a detox reaction. However, I would suspect that these symptoms typical with Morgellons would be multiplied many fold during detox.
But, what happens to cause this? According to Digestive Enzymes and Detoxification, "The vast majority of these toxicants all have the ability to poison the mitochondria in your cells, which can lead to fatigue, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic problems. " And goes on to say, "Your digestive system is the main place where your battle with toxins and toxicants takes place. The intestines are faced with myriad toxic compounds and nutrients and must try to limit the absorption of toxic compounds, while still encouraging absorption of nutritional compounds."

What does this mean? "the toxicants are all mitochondrial poisons, which limit your ability to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cellular currency that powers the body. The production of digestive enzymes takes a huge amount of energy, and in toxic bodies there is often insufficient digestive enzyme production."

This is very interesting. D-Ribose is the fuel for the mitochondria. The mitochondria are described as the "furnaces" of the cell. More information about them at Live Science, What are Mitochondria. Just as an oil furnace needs oil to create heat, the mitochondria need D-Ribose to function. According to Wikipedia, each cell has one to two thousand mitochondria. Providing plenty fuel for the mitochondria is an important step to contribute to the health of the mitochondria.

There are two means of protecting the mitochondria from being effected by the detox:
1. MaxOne is a D-Ribose bonded with L-cysteine. D-Ribose is a high quality natural sugar that is the fuel for the mitochondria.

"Taking digestive enzymes can help reverse this cycle and has the potential to relieve the body’s need to use its vital ATP for digestion, allowing it to possibly be better served in other systems. Digestive enzymes are also vital for the proper breakdown of proteins into their component amino acids."

"Many of the liver systems for phase two biotransformation — often referred to as “detoxification” — utilize amino acids as the carrier molecules to move toxicants out of the body. Without these amino acids, the entire system backs up."

The end goal seems to insure sufficient amino acids are available to move toxicants out of the liver.  Towards this end we have added Nature's Gift™ Complete Amino AcidsFormula

Lastly, the King Diet™ is important as wheat, gluten, and sugar products overload the digestive system.

Let's put it all together: Your body needs all the amino acids to function. If the mitochondria are incapacitated, this doesn't happen.

The answer is several fold:
1, Supplement with enzymes. We have four enzymes:

Agro Relief

Digestive enzymes are recommended which are either Agro Relief or Flouracor. However, Flouracor also has probiotics which are not recommended if you're dealing with Collembola unless your well into Stage II of the King Diet™. Take them with food.

Serracor and Chitosanase are systemic enzymes taken between meals. The more important one in dealing with detox would be Serracor. Chitosanase for fungal, Candida, and biofilm issues.
2. Using MaxOne which contains D-Ribose that feeds the mitochondria.
3. Supplementing your diet with our
Nature's Gift Complete Amino Acid Formula for additional insurance.
4. The King Diet™

In last Sunday's Conference Call the subject of detox was brought up and someone asked about zeolite as an alternative to using enzymes and supplemental amino acids. 

In researching it, zeolite seemed like an ideal approach in detoxing the body and minimizing the detox reactions at the same time. I was impressed but became skeptical when I discovered it has a form of aluminum in it. My concern is that aluminum might get into the brain and contribute to alzheimer's disease.

But then Eve sent me an email informing me that I was incorrect in my assumptions. She had a link to a webpage, Are All Zeolites Really Toxic? It points out that "the minerals in zeolite include alumina (an oxide of aluminium), which is bound with silica. This bond is unassailable in the body and so aluminium is never free – it is locked away in a harmless compound."

If that is correct, Zeolite can be a game changer with respect to detoxing and diminishing the detox reactions. However, it can't be poor quality zeolite that may contain heavy metal like lead. She uses a product on Amazon,
RNA ACZ Nano Advanced Cellular Zeolite Extra Strength for $58 for a 4 oz bottle.