Is Depression resulting from Candida hindering recovery from Morgellons?  10/24/19

Don't let depression get the better of you.

You don't need to be a part of the stats, read on, it doesn't need to be this way.

♥  Hope for Depression Research Foundation mentions, Depression is a serious medical condition and bears symptoms such as loss of pleasure, loss of energy, melancholy, difficulty concentrating and suicidal thoughts.

United States Statistics for depression.

♥  Did you know homicide kills 16,000 people every year, whilst 41, 000 people die from suicide every year.

    •  Depression affects more than 18 million adults per annum?  That is one in ten

   •  Depression is a major cause of disability among people aged between 15-44.

    •  Every 12 minutes suicide is caused by depression.  

As shocking as it is, it’s also good to know that it’s not all doom and gloom.  There is a constructive way to climb out of the dark, long, deep pit and never go back.

In my own journey of healing consuming healthy food, I not only began to slowly heal from Morgellons but I wiped out all traces of depression completely. I had been suffering from depression for decades.  

Life was a strain that continually drained me, even simple tasks were not that easy for me.

Bi-polar was the label I was given and became the name I called myself. 

♥  Luckily I discovered Richard's book "How to get your Life back from Morgellons...”  and
dI scovered the symptoms of Candida outlined the story of my life.  In time I got my life back!
    •   I recognized so many early warning signs, small things we fob off that become big
things resulting in some disease name as candida albicans rears It’s ugly head. 

♥  Looking at the five stages of candida you may to see the story of your life.  Your symptoms will be dictated by your unique make up. 

Candida The Five Stages. 

Stage 1.  Mucous membranes of the body are affected.  This includes the respiratory system. nose,
mouth, and vagina.   Symptoms as follows: 

•  Infant colic, childhood and adult unexplained anger/rages •  Severe PMS •  Vaginal yeast infections •  Eczema •  Oral thrush •  Urinary tract infections •  Gas (infant or adult) •  Body rashes •  Difficulty falling or staying asleep •  Acne •  Allergies to foods, chemicals, dust, fungus, yeast, and/or molds •  Sun spots or liver spots •  Bad breath and body odor •  Bladder weakness •  Recurrent bouts of bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, strep, or staph infections •  Belching •  Cravings for sugar and/or alcohol •  Heartburn

Candida is further fulled by antibiotics used to treat these conditions that kill off the healthy
bacteria and in turn fuel Candida.

Stage 2.  As candida progresses the over-growth results in common symptoms like tinnitus and ear infections.  Symptoms of stage one are included in stage two.

Unexplained weight gain or inability to keep weight on • Muscle and joint pain and arthritis • Bladder infection/UTI’s • Fatigue • Headaches/migraine •   Fibromyalgia • Dizziness/vertigo • Endometriosis

Stage 3.  Here the individual's mental health and behavior are affected. All symptoms from stage one and two are also evident during stage three.  

•  Inability to concentrate •  Memory loss •  Mental confusion •  Serious forgetfulness •  Loss of previous skills (such as how to type or play a sport efficiently) •  Diabetes •  Hypoglycemia • Infertility •  Muscle twitching •  Violence, depression, and aggression •  Epileptic seizures •  Irritable Bowel Syndrome •  Thyroid disorders •  Not being able to think of words •  Irrational thoughts, unusual fears, phobias, and panic/anxiety attacks •  Switching around words and letters when trying to speak and/or write

At this stage that diagnoses of bi-polar, or schizophrenia may be given.  

Stage 4.  This stage could result in the shut-down of organs systems, including the following:

• Adrenal gland failure • Hives • Total muscle weakness • Endocrine system failure • Severe constipation

Failure of the immune system leaves the body defenseless against all enemy bacteria, viruses, and disease conditions--including cancer. 

Stage 5.  This stage can actually lead to death.  The entire body starts to shut down.  Every cell becomes effected and the organs begin shutting down.

The obvious seems to be, Candida Albicans is the foundation of all disease, eventually disabling the immune system.  Just like iron filings to a magnet which will in turn attract anything and everything when it comes to bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. 

Three Solutions 

Healthy lifestyle/healthy eating with the King Diet (an anti-candida diet)

2) Managing stress. When we're under stress, the body releases fight or flight hormones such as cortisol that release
sugar into the blood stream. Sugar feeds Candida Albicans.  In Richard's Sunday Morgellons Event of the week conference meeting, one of the things he focuses on is Deep Breathing as the first defense against the stress response.

3) Supplements
a. The basic Supplement pack with the Puritan Pride Multi Vitamin, Garcillin, MaxOne, and Ionic minerals
b.Nature's Gift Chitinase Enzymesto break down the chitin of which Candida is composed.
c. Lufenuron to inhibit the creation of chitin.

♥  Stress targets my skin responding by itching.  I can clearly see how a simple basic de-stress technique can over ride the effects of stress.  I notice this immediately.  My skin tells me so.

Just how drastically does stress effect our health? 

Recently it's discovered that stress causes bad microbes to breed in your colon showing new links to disease--more in
a future article.

Know your body, know yourself.

Author - Diane Shannon (South-Africa)
Alias  -  Morgellons and Slime Mold on youtube

"Some people drink at the fountain of knowledge, whist others only gargle"
- Robert Anthony.