The Debriding Soap Is Not Working 9/24/18


Every now and then I get an email that basically says, "The Debriding Soap Is Not Working."

My experience says, it's not the debriding soap, but how it is being used. The question should be, "How I'm using the debriding soap isn't working, what am I not dong right?"

First of all, I don't expect the debriding soap to do much unless one is strict with the King Diet™. As long as one eats the foods that feeds the Morgellons and other skin parasites, it's an internal war with the organisms being reproduced as fast or faster then they can be cleaned from the skin. And, the diet is strict. One little mistake and it can cost days of progress.

Secondly, the environment can recontaminate you. It must be disinfected effectively. And, if you're not strict with the diet, your own body contaminates your environment and you're fighting yourself. It's sometimes hard to tell whether you're contaminating your environment or your environment is contaminating you.

Lastly, it's important to clean these Morgellons fibers and other skin parasites like Collembola (spring tails), skin fungus, and mites out of your skin. Nature's Gift™ Debriding Soap is the best know cleanser and must be used with a disinfectant. To get results, "Aggressive" is the word to remember.

In the beginning, I recommend three baths a day with NG and a disinfectant in the tub up to 45 minutes. Many tell me they don't have the time. I didn't have the time either, but I made it happen. I'd get up at 6 am instead of 7 and do my time in the tub--a great place to sleep too. When I came home at 5pm, I'd take a bath before dinner. Then, at 10 pm, I'd take another bath. My last update was detailed about bathing.

Remember, while bathing, to avoid at all cost getting the bath water into your eyes. Other wise, you may transfer the organisms into your eyes.

The first order of debriding soap comes with an empty spray bottle. This is to make a solution of what I call "body wipe" by filling it with good quality water and leaving enough room to add about 30 drops of concentrate to the bottle and then shake it up.

You are to take this with you throughout the day and apply whenever you feel any skin discomfort. You can substitute the "body wipe" with any of our skin creams or lotions. Which ever you use, the goal is to be aggressive. Don't just apply it once and expect the discomfort to miraculously disappear. Apply it every few seconds or minutes during the first hour and then maybe every fifteen minutes during the second hour. After that, apply it even when you feel nothing.

The scalp is often a big issue for many. Please read the blog post about how to deal with the scalp, But, you may not have to be that aggressive if you're aggressive with applying the body wipe. Additionally, it might help to shorten your hair. Apply the body wipe to the area of discomfort several times a minute until you begin to notice some relief, then go to every few minutes for the first hour and then fewer times each hour after that. And, again, apply it even when you feel no discomfort.

Bottom line is that you are at war with the enemy and you want to be relentless--don't let up for a minute.

If affordable, the next thing you want to do is add the supplements to your daily regime. By completing the attached questionnaire, I'll provide a detailed list of targeted supplements to produce the most results with the least expenditure.

After you're on that regime, the next and last thing is to obtain a script for one of the medications in Chapter VI. They will also be detailed in the personal protocol I send you. If you do not have a doctor that will work with you, then you can work with our Dr. Su with a phone consult.