Death Sentence? 2/10/18

Skin parasites are overwhelming, Erica has voiced a question that I often hear when speaking with many with whom I speak daily. She writes and asks:

"In reading your material in the e-book, it seems that you're indicating that anybody that has Morgellons, Collembola, mites, or whatever never gets rid of them and has to spend their whole life washing their laundry in ammonia, and or everything else that you mentioned... Have you never heard of anybody that has had this and actually healed so that they don't have to live like this for the rest of their lives?

I asked you this because all of this cleaning and wiping this that and the other sounds like a death sentence to me."

Hi Erica,
"Look at it this way. By the time you figured out you have these organisms, billions of them have inhabited your surroundings at home, your auto, and at work. And you have been breeding them by eating foods they like. And anyone of them can re-infect you to start the misery all over again.

So yes, in the beginning, it is all consuming. There is no magic here! I did two loads of laundry every day. I would get up sometimes in the middle of the night and change my sheets. I disinfected everyplace my body was going or went through out the day. And was fastidious about the diet. I read ingredients on every package or can before buying it.

I got up at 6 and bathed for an hour. Came home at 5 and bathed another hour, made dinner and bathed an hour at 11 for an hour before going to bed. Chapter III is about 55 pages in length--it's a lot of  detailed work--no kidding. Gradually it went to two baths a day, then one, and then only showers.

I went to my doctor and got a script for orap. I was fastidious about the supplements. And, if I did everything right, and made no mistakes in disinfecting or diet, I could advance to stage II of the diet in a week to ten days and onto Stage III within three weeks.

If I got reinfected, it was starting all over again--much like a video game--if you screw up you're dead and you start the game over.

So, since it's 'human to err,' it could take 6 months or much longer to get your life back where you no longer itch, have crawling sensations or biting and are not contagious."

The billions of organisms in my environment were dramatically reduced over this time although it did take three months to get them out of my foot rest.

I now do two loads of laundry a week (one for my clothes and one for bed sheets and towels)--only using ammonia in the dryer. I don't use ammonia in my washer any more since my washing machine sensors do not like ammonia. And I am free of needing to disinfect my bedding, furniture, car, as the organisms have been reduced from billions to zero. I've gone from using a gallon of ammonia weekly to a gallon of ammonia every two months or so.

My life is very normal as long as I'm dietary conscious and avoid overdoing certain foods. I have more freedom in my diet than diabetics have--more freedom than those with serious food allergies--more freedom than those with Candidia Albicans.

My experience is typical of many who have written me of their success. It is a template for you. Unfortunately, your doctor doesn't know enough to provide this template for you and no one else has published it. And, it's yours for free to read and follow.

I hope this helps.

I thank Erica for taking the time to write. In the beginning, as you read my book, it all seems so so overwhelming. The good news is that you don't have to figure all of this out for yourself. My experience plus the experiences of hundreds of others have created a map or template for you. And, I know that the brain fog, anxiety, and depression, can challenge your ability to read the book. But again, you have a book to go to and it's there for you anytime to read and re read.