Is Morgellons Contagious 12/5/18


Is Morgellons contagious is a subject that comes up frequently. If you ask those at the Morgellons Foundation or read Dr. Savely's book, the answer is, "No, it's not contagious." Dr. Savely states in her book that if it were contagious, she would have contracted it herself as she has worked with hundreds, perhaps thousands of patients infected with Morgellons. Yet, if you read the dozens and dozens of emails I get from those who have contracted Morgellons from another family member or friend or have given it to their children or other family members or friends, you will see the disease from a different perspective. Truth is that while Morgellons is highly contagious, not everyone is susceptible to it.

And, of course, Morgellons is not the only skin disease or parasite. There's Collembola (spring tails), skin fungus, and mites. From personal experience, I do know that Collembola and skin fungus are highly contagious and those infected with some species of mites find them also contagious to others.  Michelle participated in the Let's Heal Together telephone support call on Sunday--more info below--and writes,

"Hi Richard, 
I'm sorry I'm contacting you so soon after the call but, it was a disaster for me. I only asked one question, if my sister could stay, and I wanted an answer from you (the expert) instead everyone else decided they would answer it. d.. I want to thank you and also say you are an amazing man!!

During the call, you mentioned we can give it to everyone around us that are not immune to it. I have a dentist appointment Wednesday and am not sure what to do any suggestions?
Hi Michelle,
Glad you wrote. This is a sensitive topic and I can't claim to be an expert, but can only go from my personal experience which may not fit everyone.
Be giving it to anyone else,  I really can't give you a definitive answer--unfortunately no one can. I can only say that as long as I had symptoms of itching and or biting, and maybe crawling, I was contagious meaning anyone who was in close personal contact as in hugging or occupies any furniture, or areas that are not effectively disinfected such as around a toilet, the recess under cabinets for your feet, or space in front of your kitchen sink and so on, can be infected.
It's tenuous, because it is no precise science and if you did all of the above and they got infected, then you might blame me for giving you bad advice. The alternative is to suggest they stay in a motel and come up with some creative excuse about your home being off limits. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of stress for you and makes you more appetizing to the organisms.
If you're going to the dentist, best is to prepare by taking a long bath with NG and disinfectant right before leaving for the appointment and applying either the body wipe, lotion or cream on any skin areas that itch and hope for the best or delay the appointment a month or so until you're more confident in your recovery.
The stress that Michelle finds herself in (the worry of what to do to keep her family safe and not have to tell them about Morgellons) creates Cortisol--a powerful stress hormone. What cortisol does is that it increases sugars (glucose) in the blood stream.

In other words, that's just like eating sugar--a NO NO on the King Diet. One of the benefits of using medications such as orap, Abilify, and so on listed in Chapter VI of my book is that they somehow diminish the stress response and thus the production of cortisol.

A day or so later, Michael asks,

Richard can you please tell me if Morgellons is contagious. I am very worried about my wife. Right now she’s in China I have contracted this while she was away. She will be coming home soon—- I’m at my wits end I I do not know what to say to her or what to do.——-I’m 100% service connected veteran on a fixed income. I do not have much money to spare.——please help

Hi Michael,
Yes, Morgellons can be highly contagious, but not to everyone. I often have one spouse who is dramatically affected and the other one has no symptoms
And, I have entire families affected by it--it's Russian roulette.
Most affected spouses, integrate themselves to keep the other spouse unaffected until they get rid of the symptoms. If you complete the attached questionnaire, I can get you off to a running start. 
I thank both Michelle and Michael for writing. I can suggest that if you think you may have infected someone else to get a quick handle on the problem. Give them a couple ounces of Nature's Gift debriding soap, have them get a box of baking soda, and take a bath with the NG and entire box of baking soda for about 40 minutes and then have them launder their clothes with ammonia. If you have one of our dreams or lotions, give them some to apply if they feel any skin discomfort.