Nine Ways to Make your Coffee Even Healthier to Fight Morgellons DiseaseĀ  10/4/2021


Since sodas, fruit juice, regular milk and most other drinks are not on Stage I of the King Diet, we are limited to:
1. water
2. teas without additives. My favorite is cistus tea which is tasty and probably one of the healthiest teas on the planet to drink.
3. Water flavored with lemon or lime. I loved to make lemonade during the summer with pure stevia to sweeten. 
4. regular un-caffeinated un-blended coffee. 

And while coffee has often been rated as being unhealthy to drink - especially if you use sugar and non dairy creamers, newer research disputes those claims touting coffee as healthy as written about in Health Lines article "Thirteen Benefits of Coffee Based on Science" 2018. And by incorporating the following nine tips you can make coffee an even healthier drink. But even so, remember that for a small percentage of those on the King Diet, coffee cannot be a part of the diet for them as for some reason they find it activates the skin parasites.

Here are the nine things to do to make your coffee even healthier.

1. No refined sugar or artificial sweeteners - instead use pure stevia without additives.

2. No artificial creamers. When you get into Stage II of the King Diet, use organic half and half or light cream.

3. Use high quality water and organic beans when possible as coffee is the most sprayed crop in the world. Otherwise regular Eight O'Clock coffee - no decaffeinated coffee til you reach mid stage II of the King Diet.

4. Add cinnamon to your coffee - a couple shakes from the canister. Cinnamon has many anti parasitic benefits.

5. Eat before you drink coffee. When you drink coffee first, the pancreas releases insulin in response to the caffeine which will result in your blood sugar dropping leaving you feeling tired and depleted.

6. Add
collagen to you coffee. Being that Morgellons uses up collagen, destroys layers of skin and leaves it wrinkly, this is a no brainer. I've been adding collagen in my coffee every day. There are five types of collagen and the brand that we carry Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens has all five types. It is the absolute best! Being 75 yrs of age, It really has benefited my skin immensely - not just because it's repairing my skin from the damage done by skin parasites, but protecting my skin from ageing prematurely.

And you know what else I just noticed, it's been on sale at nearly 40% off and I forgot to have it listed as a sale item. Stock up now.

7. Add organic butter to your coffee in place of half and half. It will give you a brain a boosting buzz. You can blend the coffee with a latte frother or handheld blender to avoid having globs of butter floating on your coffee.

8. Add chocolate to your coffee. I love mocha and add a half teaspoon our
Nature's Gift® Dutched Organic Cocoa Powder to my coffee. And cocoa has many many health benefits too. Read, "How many flavonoids in Cocoa."

9. If you drink coffee between meals, in addition to all of the above, you can add in
food grade diatomaceous earth.

In summary, you can make coffee even healthier than it already is with one or more of the above tips. Notice our tendency to move in the direction of eating and drinking organically.