Chocolate Lovers Revenge in Fighting Morgellons 6/21/2022

As you know, stage I of the King Diet is a bit limiting. But, do you love chocolate? What if you could "have your cake and eat it too?" Well you can. In Stage I you can have cocoa made with alkali and I believe we have one of the best tasting and healthiest Dutched Organic Cocoa in our

store. Just look at what Jan has to say about it. 




To find this delicious Dutch Cocoa Powder is a gift from God. It is soooo good and I sweeten with “Better Stevia”, which taste just like sugar, another gift in the store. This rich chocolate flavor has helped me get through some depressing days. That’s the power of this beautiful Dutch Cocoa Powder. I LOVE IT! It would be great if I could purchase in a larger container. SOMETHING SO GREAT AND SAFE TO EAT AND ENJOY!


A couple weeks ago, one of the callers in our Sunday Conference call shared that she can't have cocoa and that she had tried several different brands. I asked her to read the ingredients on the package of cocoa and one of the first ingredients was some ingredient with coconut. Well, no wonder she reacted to that cocoa. So, shop around or simply order our Dutched Organic Cocoa and avoid guessing.

Alright, most people think of chocolate as being like candy and not that healthy. Yes, this is true for all milk chocolates with lecithin and sugar, but not our cocoa. In fact cocoa is a super food and Stage I is jam packed with super foods:
Bananas - Read blog post, "
The Amazing Banana Stands up to Fight Morgellons Disease."
Green Apples - Read blog post, "
An Apple a Day Keeps Morgellons Away"

Walnuts - Read blog post, "Eat Walnuts and Beat Morgellons Disease"
Onions, garlic, and leeks - see #1 below.
Why is cocoa a super food?
1. Just like raw onions and leeks are prebiotics, cocoa is also one of the most powerful prebiotics. Why prebiotics? Read blog post, "Why Probiotics are not the Answer to Morgellons and Prebiotics Are" 4/19/2020 In fact cocoa is one of the most powerful prebiotic you can have.

So, let's start imagining all the ways we can incorporate cocoa in our diet.

2. Read blog post "Beat Morgellons with Chocolate (Cocoa)" 11/14/2021 and discover that cocoa is one of the most powerful antioxidants available. In fact it is comparable to glutathione which is the most powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are "free radical fighters." Destroying free radicals protects your DNA and Morgellons, according to several experts, is a free radical and damages your DNA.
"In general, the higher the ORAC score, the better that food fights free radicals in your body that can otherwise damage cells and cause illness and aging.
  • Broccoli has an ORAC score of 890
  • Kale has an ORAC score of 1770
  • However, raw cacao powder has an ORAC antioxidant score of 95,500

Yes, that's 106 times more free-radical fighting power than broccoli. It even blows blueberries, which have an ORAC score of 5,905, away."
by Brian Vaszily

Remember glutathione is a major free radical protector. In fact, one reference reports glutathione having and ORAC value of 68, 576 - less than cocoa (95,500). Cocoa is that powerful! Of course glutathione has many many other benefits as being the body's major anti inflammatory agent, major detoxifyer, and so on. Read blog post Importance of Glutathione in Reducing Inflammation and Toxicity 5/15/2022 

So cocoa is not going to replace glutathione, but since some experts claim Morgellons attacks our DNA it makes sense to add cocoa to augment glutathione with cocoa.

3. Depression? Really? A study,
"The effect of cocoa-rich products on depression, anxiety, and mood: A systematic review and meta-analysis," published NIH ( published 5/21, "Our findings suggest that the consumption of cocoa-rich products may improve affect and mood in the short term. However, given the short duration of trials, our results cannot be generalized to long-term intake of cocoa-derived food."

OK, how do you get and enjoy cocoa into your Stage I Diet?
Add cocoa to your black coffee. You can also add in cinnamon and
collagen as well and sweeten with our Sweet Leaf Stevia. And maybe you can lighten with Lactose Free Milk without any additives as you find in Costco.

Imagine chocolate millet or spelt or rye bread or pancakes. Just add our Xweet Leaf Stevia for a tasty stage I chocolate bread. Recipes for making regular bread and pancakes in Chapter V of my book - experiment with adding cocoa and stevia and let me how how it tastes. When you get to Stage II of the diet, add walnuts to the pancakes and bread. uhmmm. 

Chocolate milk? Yes, some of you may be able to have lactose free milk with no additives that can be found at Costco. A teaspoon of cocoa with stevia and shake or stir well and enjoy. Option is to add collagen to feed your skin from the inside.

Ice Cream? Did I say Ice Cream? Yes I did and if you can have lactose free milk with no additives, there's a recipe in Chapter V. Just add the cocoa and stevia. For stage I you may have to forgo the vanilla extract.

And life is almost normal again. I thank Jan for taking the time to share her experience with cocoa. Let me know of other creative ways you can enjoy cocoa in your Stage I or Stage II diet. And, yes Jan, we'll look into having a larger size of cocoa available. Thanks for the suggestion.