Beat Morgellons with Chocolate (cocoa)? 11/14/2021


Being that Stage I of the King Diet is rather limiting, we look for health in what we can have. For over 95% of us we can have black coffee, but why not "take it to the moon," and make it a real treat. In fact a healthy treat as explained in a recent blog post "Nine Ways to Make your Coffee Even Healthier to Fight Morgellons Disease  10/4/2021

One of the nine ways to "take your coffee to the moon," is by adding cocoa. Who doesn't love the taste of chocolate and a quality Dutched Organic Cocoa Powder that we have in our store. Now this is not the sugary milk chocolate you buy at the candy counter - this is the real thing you can also use for baking. Imagine a chocolate spelt or millet bread, for instance. Just add our Sweet Leaf Stevia for a tasty stage I chocolate bread. Recipes for making regular bread in Chapter V of my book - experiment with adding cocoa and stevia and let me how how it tasted. When you get to Stage II of the diet, imagine adding walnuts to this bread. uhmmm

But back to cocoa, why all the fuss? All the fuss is because cocal is because cocoa is a free radical fighter. But what's it got to do with Morgellons? Answer: Morgellons is thought to be a free radical killer by rewriting your DNA. So, you want to stack your side with all the free radical killers you can get. Supplement wise,
MaxOne is top of the list. Food wise, coaco is top of the list and you didn't even know that. It's OK, I just learned about the awesome power of cocoa a couple days ago. I knew it was powerful, but had no idea how powerful. Read on to get the scoop (pun intended).

"In general, the higher the ORAC score, the better that food fights free radicals in your body that can otherwise damage cells and cause illness and aging.

  • Broccoli has an ORAC score of 890
  • Kale has an ORAC score of 1770
  • However, raw cacao powder has an ORAC antioxidant score of 95,500

Yes, that's 106 times more free-radical fighting power than broccoli. It even blows blueberries, which have an ORAC score of 5,905, away."
by Brian Vaszily

Of course, instead of coffee, you can make a cocoa drink with lactose free milk and sweeten with stevia as well. That is if, lactose free milk is OK for you in stage I of the diet, otherwise, wait until you get to Stage II of the King Diet to use half and half. 

And yes, I add our cocoa to my morning cup of Joe with cinnamon and a scoop of our
Clean Sourced Organixx Collagen.  I'm 75 yrs of age and my skin is like a 50 yr old and I want to do what I can so that when I'm 95 (laws of the universe willing), my skin won't give away my age.