Disinfect Morgellons with Clove Oil 6/18/18


Disinfecting the organism from your surroundings has always been a challenge. I've always recommended ammonia as the first and least expensive choice. However, it's not ideal because of it's odor. Boric acid has been also used but doesn't seem to be a favorite. Donna wrote in asking about chlorine as a disinfectant. She writes, "Hi Richard,

What does a person do once they believe they have some of the symptoms  like spring tails, besides the protocol.  How about going out in public? Attending a birthday party?  Going anywhere?  
Also I used pool shock to clean the Jacuzzi and was wondering at what ratio to water would you use as a disinfectant in the home?  I used 4 parts water to one part chlorine and it seemed to do damage to the metal ring in the tub bottom?   
How badly do you see this dividing families.  
Thank You,"
I don't recommend using anything with chlorine as a disinfectant in my book, other than for putting in the laundry or disinfecting your bath tub or shower--not for anything else. Using the wrong disinfectant could damage your Jacuzzi and void your warranty.
Ammonia is the best and on Monday morning I'll have an update on clove oil as a disinfectant option.
You are contagious as long as you're itching and feeling biting symptoms or shedding filaments (if you have Morgellons)
If you go go out, keep your distance with others--hand shakes--no hugging or picking up children.
Parasites divide families in dramatic ways. The sufferer is treated like a crazy person and has no support and ends up living with carriers of the organisms who deny their symptoms which are usually minor.
If you take clients in your car, make sure you disinfect it before you take them. And if the organisms are in your air conditioning, you'll need to spray ammonia or clove oil into the system, but be careful not to spay too much so as to damage the electronics, usually enough that you smell it coming through the vents.
hope this helps
Roxie writes about ammonia and clove oil
I was using the ammonia you recommended to disinfect my house, but the more I used it, the more my house smelled. I was searching for a natural product to use and found clove oil kills these mites, along with vacuuming and dusting with lemon pledge. Amy house smells better and the mites are getting less and less. The Protocol you recommended worked, not instantly, but was continuous. I thought I would share this information . One quart of water to 45 drops of clove oil, and shake and spray. just a small spray, no need to saturate your furniture or floors. it smells good, doesn’t harm my dogs and it Kills the parasite. I tried a sulfur mixture, but was worse than the ammonia

I had to experiment with the oil, but found that 40 drops is enough to get rid of the mites, and not leave residue. Just a light spray is all you need. One quart of the diluted solution does my entire house which is 2300 sq ft. I have all oak flooring and lots of woodwork in my house, the ammonia was removing some of the finish. I only used the ammonia sold in my grocery store, which was the regular strength. I was so polluted with those bird mites, I probably did use too much of it 

Also, I just heard that a popular singer from the 70s has Morgellons disease, Joni Mitchell,  I tried to send her your information on the book you have, but not sure if it went through the proper channels--no reply.  I am still trying to find a fan club that maybe can get the information to her.  No one should suffer now with the help you have given so many .   

 I thank God every night for you and keep you in my prayers.  


I asked Roxie for more details and this is her response, "Yes 45 drops in one quart of water, I buy it fromBulkapothocary.com the 16 oz size and it is about $26.00 plus shipping, but lasts a long time. Yes that diluted quart does my whole house, as it is a concentrate until you add the water, a light spray on my furniture, which is leather, and 2 or 3 sprays in the room. I close the door and go to the next room with 2-3 sprays per room. I use this every night when they are active. I also use it in baby oil and apply to myself but use only about 12-15 drops in a bottle of baby oil.  It keeps them off of me and my dogs. So after about 35 days, I am not being bitten but still can feel them crawling.  I just squirt some where I feel them and no more. This dies not leave a residue that I can detect, maybe others can, but I have hardwood throughout and it is not slippery or slimy." 

I thank Roxie for sharing her experience--we learn from other's experience. Dana wrote in to inform me that clove oil is used for scabies too.

Now, I ask for each of you to do me a favor. If you try clove oil as a disinfectant, please let me know how it works. If it works well, we'll carry it in our on-line store to make it easy for you to obtain. Also, if you use it on your skin with baby oil on your skin as Roxie did, may I suggest adding a few drops of concentrated NG debriding soap. Regarding Joni Mitchell, I sent her two copies of my book two years ago to her home address. I was since told that she only listens to one person regarding her Morgellons for advice and treatment. I have no idea who that person is.