Kick Morgellons in the Butt by Making Your Own Chocolate 9/24/2022

A few days ago, I published an update about the incredible value of cocoa. After Dianne read it, she emailed me these directions for making dark chocolate. 

First melt the cocoa butter – use a small amount at first to experiment. A little cocoa butter goes a long way. You can find natural cocoa butter on amazon or at most health supplies shops. You can also melt Baker’s chocolate (which is on the King Diet) because it already has cocoa butter in it.

After you have melted a few chunks (approximately ¼ cup) add the following ingredients to the melted bakers chocolate to taste:

-          ¼ teaspoon of sea salt (just a tiny amount - this will make it taste sweeter)

-          3-4 teaspoons alkalized cocoa 

-          ¼ teaspoon of our Sweet Leaf Stevia (This is an approximate measure – you can experiment with how sweet you like your candy)

-        ¼ teaspoon vanilla (skip until Stage II)

Heat again just to the boiling point (In the microwave it is less than a minute) or use a double boiler to heat.
This is a crucial point for the chocolate. If you heat it too much it will burn and taste bad. If you heat it too little, it will not harden.

At this point it will look too thin to harden but it will if you have heated the solution to the boiling point.

Now you can add extra, optional ingredients to thicken:

You can add more cocoa or

I add Organic Cocoa nibs so there are chocolate chunks mixed inside the candy

I also add Organic peppermint essential oil because I like mint chocolate


Pour the ingredients into silicon molds. I prefer buying the silicon ice trays because they are cheaper than the candy molds and bigger. Either way, place your chocolate molds in the freezer or refrigerator for a few minutes. When they have hardened, they will stay hard unless you expose it to heat again. Enjoy!

One warning - chocolate and cocoa butter are both high in fat. My doctor is warning me about my cholesterol and I've had COVID a few times so I have eased up on the chocolate. I was eating it every day. It's that good! 
Chocolate also has a lot of caffeine so that's another warning for the insomniacs..

Many thanks to Diane for sharing her recipe for making chocolate. I'm going to try it out as soon as I get the molds. But, as I recall from childhood, there's an option to molds and that is if you have a marble table, you can pour the melted chocolate right onto the marble table and it will set up right away. Making chocolate is an art. Problem is my antique marble table is in my office. It would truly be nostalgic if I used it who knows what memories might come up.