Don't Junk Your Car Until You Try This 4/1/2021


I can't tell you how often someone has written me and told me they had to junk their perfectly good automobile because they could not get it clear of the parasites. Even with using ozone, or the electrostatic sprayer, the parasites remained. Even circulating through the ventilation system with ozone or spraying into it with the electrostatic sprayer didn't work. It just didn't make sense to me until Elle, one of our coaches from a couple years ago, was getting reinfected from her car in spite of doing all of the above. 

Now, I must share with you that she was dramatically affected by Morgellons, mites, and Collembola about two or so years ago and was forced out of the home she was living into a hotel room with her two teen age children. Of course she carried the organisms with her and, according to her, the organisms multiplied and were floating in the air everywhere in the hotel room.

This would lead me to suspect some type of flying mite. According to Britannica, there are over 40,000 species of mites. And contrary to what many believe, bird mites, a typical one, does not fly.

She and I spoke briefly and it seemed to me that the only way out of that situation with air born mites was to knock them out of the air with the electrostatic sprayer. Turns out she was one of the first to purchase the device since it was brand new to our our store. 

Sure enough that, along with everything else in the book, was her route to sanity and being organism free. She became our resident expert on how to use the electrostatic sprayer long before I even held one of them in my hand. She had been on several of our Sunday calls and issued the 21 day challenge - that continual use of the sprayer for 21 days straight will get rid of any organisms you have in your surroundings (provided you're strict with the King DietTM). In her path to getting her life back she also used her creativity to ferret the organism out from places I never would have thought to look such as behind her refrigerator. 

What's this got to do with cars? Nothing really, I just wanted to give you a bit of background. She texted me a few weeks ago to inform me that she had discovered another place where the organisms can be. And this time, instead of behind refrigerators and so on in the home, in the car. She had noticed that she was feeling activity around her ankles and hands when she was in her car. Somehow, without a lot of aggravating, she discovered that air ventilation systems in autos have a filter. This surprised me as I never ever heard of anyone changing that filter. It's called an "air cabin filter," and her's was located behind the glove compartment. You can go to youtube and find videos on how to access it and change it. And for about $12 she changed the filter, but what she found stuck in the filter was the culprit of the beginning of her reinfection - a dead Cicada bug that apparently was infected with infectious mites and Collembola. She remembered that she had parked her car under a pine tree one day and surmised that's when the bug got into her ventilation system from the outside intake vent. 

Wow, her Ingenuity just saved ongoing her aggravation, confusion, upset, and maybe a major reinfection, plus spending thousands and thousands of dollars to replace a perfectly good automobile. Bet you wouldn't have known or thought of a cabin filter the air ventilation of your car - I never ever in a thousand years would have. Let's thank Elle for her contribution and possibly saving you the cost of trading in or trashing a perfectly good automobile.