Candida Albicans and Morgellons can be Deadly 1/29/2023


I have to admit that my understanding of Candida Albicans has been way off for many years. My impression was that when our diet contained a lot sugar or foods that broke down to simple sugars or if we were on extended antibiotics without some kind of anti fungal meds that Candida Albicans would form and over populate the gut and interfere with digestion.

I based my impression of Candida on my and my mother's personal experience of Candida. My first office was located across the street from a Dunkin Doughuts and I had become addicted to them. I would brave the traffic of an 2 lane highway with cars zipping down the street at 60 mph to get my daily dose of doughnuts. I gained weight and got to the point where my digestive system just stopped digesting food. I was bloated and food laid in my gut like lead.

That was back in the early 80's when little was known about Candida Albicans and the medical establishment were in the dark about it. Fortunately, I figured out my problem, stopped eating the Doughnuts and other sweets, eliminated all sugars, junk foods, and foods that would ferment like cheese, and got my digestive system on track.

About 15 year later, my mother was having digestive issues. She was not into doughnuts, sweets, sugar and so on so we were baffled. A nutritionist enlightened us that the high sugar content in all the fruit she was addicted to was contributing to Candidiasis. She got back on track by minimizing the amount of fruit and watching the sugar content listed under Nutritional facts of packaged foods.

In both cases, adjusting the diet to get rid of sugars, grains, cheeses, or anything that would ferment was the answer. And it's amazing the the Morgellons Diet, aka King Diet, does the same and I can claim it to be an anti Candida Albicans diet when you remove all grains from the diet. 

But, not everyone gets rid of being affected by Candida Albicans by adjusting their diet. And that's because of complications such as leaky gut syndrome - another condition denied by the medical world for many years.

Leaky gut means that the intestinal lining between the contents of the intestines and the blood stream leaks. The lining is composed of a cellular membrane called mucosa. When our gut biome is degraded from excessive use of antibiotics or long term abuse of diet, the Candida leaks through the intestinal lining and into the blood stream.

But that's not all that leaks through. The intestines also contains all kinds of fecal matter and other waste intended to be expelled through the annus that also leaks into the bloodstream - toxins and poisons.

But for this discussion, we are mostly concerned about Candida. In summary, my take was that Candida Albicans was bad and created by a bad diet or abuse of antibiotics.

The enlightenment came from reading information by Dr. Luna who has been working with us for about 8 years. I discovered I was only partially right. Turns out that Candida Albicans is not a dangerous fungal organism at all. It exists in our guts and is in balance with the gut biome until our digestive system is abused with poor eating habits or abuse of antibiotics.
Along with leaky gut syndrome (also caused by abuse of antibiotics poor quality food such an non organic containing GMO's and contaminated with glyphoste) the over populated Candida leaks through the intestinal lining into the blood stream.

Once in the blood stream the Candida gets delivered by the super highway of the blood stream into every organ of the body - liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, brain and so on where Dr. Luna writes that it converts to hydra-tentacle fungus which is the real threat to health.

Once this converted Candida fungus "sets up shop," in the organs, change in diet has no impact on it. This is where lufenuron becomes of supreme importance Click here for more information about lufenuron.

Googling hydra-tentacle fungus didn't provide me a lot of sources other than it being referred to as "Devil Finger's Fungus." As the name implies, it's generally a fungus with tentacles in the plant world and one that infects fish aquariums. Perhaps someone who enjoys researching can find what the Candida version looks like and how it infects human organs.

The image on the left is from Wikipedia and is just one of the variations of images you will find - not particularly the species from Candida. 

In any event, when the Candida Albicans gets into our organs we have a different problem that must b addressed.
We have the benefit of two things to fight this fungal intrusion:
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► our anti fungal package 
The recommendation is to take the 96 capsule package taking one capsule per day and after the 96 days another round may be necessary. This is no longer a simple project of getting Candida out of your gut as I always thought, but now complicated with Morgellons it is a major project of breaking up the hydra-tentacle fungus camp in all affected organs.
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The bottom line, as described in detail in my book, Candida can be deadly. There are five stages and stage V is the end of life. But, most people don't die from Morgellons, the co-factors like Candida do them in.