Bathing and NG Question 2/16/18

Hi Richard,

Thanks for communicating with me. My reinfection is unfortunately charging ahead and I wanted to ask for clarification: when you bathe to disinfect, do you submerge your face, head and hair? �(I�m afraid to do that.)

2.When you bathed 3x a day, did you have to put on clean clothes each time. (I wash my clothes every evening so I can put on clean clothes after bathing in the morning.)

3. Do you suggest putting a soap such as Dr Bonner's peppermint in the tub, I see the clear specks floating on the surface and wonder if soap would make them sink and perish. I use borax or vinegar and the peppermint oil got from you.

4. Is the Deriding Soap a soap product that has other ingredients in it? i don�t see contents listed, and my skin is sensitive to some things.

Thank you.


Hi Julia,
Thanks for writing.
No, I don't recommend submerging your face, head and hair in the tub because of the possibility of getting the parasites in your eyes which could be a much bigger problem. If you go to www.debridingsoap,com/Blog.html and search for "scalp" or "face" by pressing simultaneously the ctr key and the F key, it will open a search bar where you type in "face" or "scalp", it will take you to detailed directions for handling both.

Yes, I put on clean clothes or disinfected clothes after each bath when I bathed three times a day. If I didn't put them in the laundry, I inverted them and sprayed them with ammonia and then turned then right side out and by the time I was finished with my bath, my clothes were dried of the ammonia and I could wear them again. Hopefully, if you're effective at disinfecting your environment and sticking with the diet, you'll be going to one bath a day in a week or two. The idea is to take as many baths a day as you need to get from one bath to the next with relatively little skin discomfort.

Doubt that any bar soap will make the specks sink to the bottom of the tub. That's why I suggest taking a shower after you bathe as the specks will adhere to your skin too and showering will rinse them off. If you're looking for� bar soap, we have two great soaps--one has only NG, the other has NG, peppermint, tea tree, and lemon oil. Click on the links to see the ingredients.

The only ingredients in the liquid NG debriding soap are liquid carbon and nitrogen. It is completely hypoallergenic Carbon is an element primarily known in solid crystalline form such as diamonds, coal, graphite. Only one company in the world knows how to make NG.
I hope this helps.

I Thank Julia for writing. She did it right. She simply asked her questions without any long story. I could easily read the questions and write answers. I welcome emails like this one.